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If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?


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Would I press it? Well, it's neither an instant yes, nor an instant no. There are many things to look at, possibilities to consider, and debates to be had upon the benefits and the negatives of pushing the button. I shall list a few here. I also apologize if any, or all, of these have been posted before, but I really don't feel like sifting through fifty-odd pages and nearly four years worth of content.

First, the question that arises, how much do we become anthro? It's not as ridiculous of a notion as it sounds. For instance, some would be content at merely looking the part, and that's it. Genetically, they're no different than any other human, and if they have kids, will be born and grow looking the same as any other person. All differences are simply cosmetic in effect, much like skin or hair colors. Others would rather become an anthro, not only in appearance, but also in genetics. These would be much the same as the first, only they would be able to pass the anthropomorphic trait down to their offspring, and their children would pass it on, and so on and so forth. It would truly be a new subspecies of human on this Earth. Enough genetic differences to be separate, but close enough to interbreed. Lastly though, would be those who wish to be even more, not only with the looks and cosmetic genetics, but the facilities and abilities of the creature they've become. Any canine, for example, would have a stronger sense of smell over their non-anthro counterparts, and might have a pack instinct or mentality. It would become a branch into a single, or perhaps multiple, distinct species, unable to interbreed with non-anthropomorphic humans, and maybe able to interbreed with other anthros. This is a serious question to those who wouldn't wish to pass their fetish, hobby, or image on to future generations.

Secondly, there comes the question of what defines "all those around you", in determination of the original question. Is it those persons who happen to be within a set radius of the button when pressed, or is it the whole of humanity? It partially stems back to the last point, even if I wanted to become my fursona, I wouldn't want to force anyone else to become an anthro just because of my selfish desires. At least with the former option, I might have a chance to steal away to a place where others wouldn't be likely to be impacted, whereas the latter allows for no chance of sparing those who still prefer their human form.

Another point came to mind with the writing of the last argument, who's to say we'll even become the anthro we want to be. The original post merely states that pressing the button would transform you into an anthropomorphic creature, but it doesn't say that the person who pressed the button would change into the animal they wished to be. If I were to become a true fur, it would obviously be in my fursona's image, a rough collie. While I wouldn't mind several other forms aside from my fursona, there's no guarantee I would become any of them. I could be stuck as an ant, and I have no desire to be one of those.

As for my last point today, it was last discussed by Konotashi and Speedactyl, and that is the application of laws upon the anthro community. It can be debated strongly if the laws of men would govern the race of beast-men. On one hand, anthros aren't exactly human, especially in the later two examples of my first point. This theoretically disconnects them from any and all laws that humans might create, owing to the fact that anthropomorphic creatures, especially within the last example of the first point, would have different mentalities, and possibly moralities, than humans would, and what would apply to man, say laws against rape, wouldn't apply to anthro, in this case a strong, uncontrollable desire that might be cause by the heat cycle. However, anthros would still be creatures of logic and reason, to a degree at least, with an understanding of right and wrong. This could be used to apply the human sense of justice to a creature that is different in appearance, and possibly genetics, but still the same in mental capacity.

All in all, with the arguments I've presented here, I'd have to say that I wouldn't press the button. There are too many "what ifs", too many potentials for problems to erupt with this grand experiment. That's nothing to say of how regular humans would react to an anthro upon seeing them, which in all likelihood would be ostracization and/or violence. Many, despite their claims, are rather narrow-minded and bigoted against the unknown and those who are different.

That is all for now.
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Oh yes, I definitely would. I love anthros, but being one would be so much better. And with my sona, at least if anybody had a problem with it, I could shut their mouth in 2.2.
Yes! But here's a question; if there was a button that made fur-haters become furries, would you press it?
Hell yes! The ultimate troll. They'd be committing self-racism, accidentally or on purpose, so much, it would be funny as hell to watch.

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I would love to actually be my scalesona. However, I often think/dream of being the only one or one of the only ones of my kind. I would be unique. I could imagine being the only anthropomorphic American alligator NASCAR driver or country singer. My publicity would be insane. If everyone were an anthro animal, it would be as if everyone were still human. "Speciesism" would replace racism if everyone were anthros. I'm not gonna lie, I don't like apes/monkeys. I just don't like how they look. I don't even like Donkey Kong. I know most if not all of you have at least one animal you don't like. However, I do imagine it would still be awesome if we were all anthros. It would make dating much easier. Haha


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Yes. Looking forward to the day when advances in computers and biotech allow us to "transfer" ourselves into custom bodies. I do wonder what the world will look like at that point, with our big obsession with bog round eyes, cuteness, and very young age (everyone in the world in a big eyed 16 year old catgirl/boy/cross?)


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Permanently ? No. Buuuut if I had the option to and sort of shapeshift at will and to varying degrees, I would try it out and experiment gladly. Then again, if it were possible, I'd prefer it to be by a natural means instead of technological gizmos... But hey, as an old man said http://youtu.be/VRhDmUzWuBI?t=35s


Whenever I watch Ghost in a Shell or that film Surrogates, I often wonder why no one seems to take advantage of the technology for more creative body customisation >.=.>

If you have the tech to make a robotic body feel real, they can be furries dammit.


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I think I'd rather become my Poke-sona.... and probably not, I'd rather be able to change between human and 'sona.
I prefer being a human and transform into one of my characters (I have more than sixteen, aprox. 30) that being one forever. I would have more relationships! Just kitty-ing. But yes, I don't think I would want to become a permanent furry.


I would because I'm terrible at thinking before I act. If I saw that button, just randomly as I walked down the street, I would press it.


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About the button, I might either decide not to press it because I happen to love these kinds of threads, or I would press it because I would be in a troll mood or something.

About the fursona business, saying that the government isn't involved in this, I guess I would become a 5'10" wolf with borderline-unreal looking green glow-in-the-dark hair for the rest of my life.


Hmm? That's an interesting question. I think for me it'd depend on a few things.

1.) Would I be the only one? If so than I would not make that choice. What good is it if you have no one to share it with, and will inevitably have to deal with people thinking of you as some kind of monster because people are like that 0.o

2.) Do I get to choose what I become? This one I'd probably still go ahead with it even if the answer was no, but it'd be nice to self-determine that part. Though the roulette wheel angle does have it's own appeal :)

Now that I'm thinking about it all in all as long as I wouldn't have to be the only one I'd happily change myself ^.^


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^agreed, as long as I wasn't the only one, I probably would. My fursona is so much cooler than me.


^agreed, as long as I wasn't the only one, I probably would. My fursona is so much cooler than me.

I think most people's are. I've read more than a few descriptions for fursona's and they tend to be rather out there from time to time xD


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I would have to explain much more when I get to any job interview.

-Do you have any special talents?

-- Well, I could rip a person's arm off in less than 5 seconds. Does that count?

Oh what fun it will be to describe my school life.


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Well, being a Harlequin cat crow nanna dog sprite prototype is kind of cool, but I would be wrecking shit up and killing everyone with semi-god powers...yeah, I would be anthro.


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I don't know... not enough details.

If everything is how I would imagine it, then I would do it.
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If it were just me, then I would say yes. However if it affected those around me I would say no. I don't want to force that choice on other people.


Hmm...nah. I've known this body too long.

i mean unless I'm able to become some sort of flying animal THEEEEEEEN I would, since I've always wanted to fly. But it depends, would it be others, or just me? If it's just me then I'd probably be attacked by the government.


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Being a perma anthro, given the chance of being my own fursona would be awesome, I would be like 100% less ugly and 100% more beautiful, I would stay hours watching how beautiful I am in the mirror instead of avoiding to put my eyes in any mirror.

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Being a perma anthro, given the chance of being my own fursona would be awesome, I would be like 100% less ugly and 100% more beautiful, I would stay hours watching how beautiful I am in the mirror instead of avoiding to put my eyes in any mirror.

You should totally see a therapist