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If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

Hey there.

Yes, I think I would. It's too unique of an opportunity, I would forever regret not taking the chance when I had it if I passed it up.

This post got me thinking, the chance that you'd ever come across a button like that in the world would be so rare that it would be virtually non-existant (as if to say, there was only one of those in the world).

And if I happened to come across such a rare, valuable and powerful magical button like the thread title or even the OP says where I'd most likely get a chance.

Though the probability of me getting the kind of form that I wanted would be so narrow, it would be insignificant, not to mention everyone else in the world. Though the button has limits which would only effect the world... right? Right?

People in this thread have debated whether it would be a room, a town or even the world.

But here's the kicker, what if it wasn't just the world? what happens if the button affected other worlds too? As in, no limits.

The OP did state one thing though.
So say you had a button that would change you and all those around you into anthropomorphic creatures would you press it?

Assuming that it only effects the world at most (there's no real definite radius, so the entire world would be the upper limit), would I risk my humanity to become something else, with no real substantial probability that I would get the right creature that I've always wanted to become?

That's a toughie, because on one hand, you've got the posts that say yes, just out of desperation (I assume...? I can't read minds), others that say no, on moral and quite valid grounds (the ability to transform you and the world without a choice... perhaps... maybe?)

The OP :So say you had a button that would change you and all those around you into anthropomorphic creatures would you press it?

The question is very vague, It sounds like you don't get a choice in what you become and it also affects the people around you.

So, I would say, that I wouldn't really press it, despite it being a possible one off chance.

But that wouldn't really be the end, now would it? I mean this is the type of thing which happens once in a lifetime, as interstellar-rob rightly said.

So, what should I do with the button??? This opportunity cannot be wasted by just walking away from it.

I'd actually sell the button on E-bay to the highest bidder, advertise it as extremely rare, with pictures of the button and the instructions (if any). I mean for a button that can turn people into furries, there's bound to be someone who wants it more then I do (you can see it from the way they post it).

Besides, I feel that money is more important then a tail and the ability to fly, no matter how much I need it, though given the chance to permanently become one, I would love to take it.

After selling it, I'd wrap it up in a box in such a way it wouldn't get pressed during transit to wherever in the world to the recipient and send the package on its way.

P.S. Just because I would choose to sell the button doesn't mean that if the opportunity to change my form, that I wouldn't do, it's just the whole button pushing thing that would cause others to be forced into changing their form that deters me.
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A.K.A the greeting wolf
this is a "does the whole world do that too then?" situation and if not what the hell happens to the furs who do so?
wouldn't this end in a x-men like manner there we would be the mutants?
indeed i would like to be this antropomorpic embodiemend wich always represents me here... on the other hand i dont want to start a war for that or owe a whole country my duties or whatever else could happen if i become my fursona.
i just want to be with it and live on like that but who knows... if the humans would be interfering could it ever be that easy?


New Member
Seeing these posts makes me wonder why anybody would want to be a talking animal on two feet with clothes and human genitalia. Just because you get to have fur all over you? For the ears? For the tail? Because you're displeased with how you look like now? Because you want to cuddle with yourself in bed? Or just because you want to... I'll leave that there. So yeah, what would that accomplish? I like to be my own fursona, but for what?

And no, I wouldn't push the button if it's gonna turn everybody on the face of the earth into anthros forever. I could name quite a few who wouldn't want to live like one. In fact, let's face it, the whole world could fall apart very quickly from the reactions it will get, if that happened. Of course, if it was just gonna be ME... without anyone that could see that I'm an anthro (or if I could change back into a human at anytime)... sure I would.
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Yes, for sure. At least for myself. I would wish for those that would want it to be able to transform. I myself can't decide and shouldn't decide if others should transform.
I would obviously wish to transform into a male zebra myself :).


New Member
Sure, why not? Let's do it!
It'd be even better if we could all turn into cartoons and mash each other with mallets! ;D


New Member
Most definitely press it.
That way I could fly anywhere and not have to worry about purchasing tickets or borders between countries.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
If I could become God, then yes. Anything less than that would be disappointing/meaningless.


The Wolf from Space
I wouldn't push it, as Fursonas are always pictured doing something awesome, not having to stress about the problems of real life. Yeah, that and shedding. we would have to buy Furminators for OURSELVES!
But at the same time, it would be so cool to feel like you're absolutely normal among everyone. Although stores like petco and stuff would get a little ironic.
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stickied threads are immortal they cant die unlike regular threads so they cant be necro'd. also on subject hell yeah I would although id probably have to play dodge the scientists for the rest of my days.


Dack Remus Applewold
I think the cons would outweigh the pros for me. I mean, being a fox would be a dream, but then I'd end up getting fleas from my little dog, and I would never again be welcome at my stepfather's brother-in-law's place for fear I might massacre his livestock (since he does, in fact, keep chickens) plus, Ohio gets stupid hot in the summer.

Jazz Panther

Swing the Mood!
Shit, yes! Spending the rest of my life as anthro panther or an anthro Terrier, I'd do it in a heart beat!


train hopping paint cryptid
Living as a giant hare would probably be fun, although when jolting awake the kick to the bed frame might do some serious unwanted damage...


it's a moth! it a dragon! no, it's a avali boi!
spending the rest of my life and an dragon who not only has control over water but nature too.... OR an super human shark who has nanites that can produce all sorts of effects? yes I'd go for it!


No. I like being human. It would be like losing an essential part of me, were I to change so drastically I don't think I could get over the shock.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Sure! It'd be great fun. And, I could spray people who made me mad. I'd be adorable, and have a great defense mechanism. Though skunks eat everything from beetles to mice to bees...I may have to adjust my diet a bit, as I'm not sure I'd find these things tasty...


Simply One Hell of a Pokemon Master
Sure, I mean I'd be either a golden retriever with brutish strength, or one hell of a magician gryphon.