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If it was available on other platforms?

Would you get rid of Windows if software was available for all other platforms?

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  • I would get a MAC

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  • I would get a Linux

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  • I would get Amiga OS4

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  • I already have a non-Windows system

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Silver R. Wolfe

Wuffamute Extraordinaire!
benanderson said:
Oznor said:
Hrm... I remember the shit hole iMacs at my highschool, and I suppose had I not been raised using working Macs I too would have hated all things Apple because of them... I still cry when I think about using those little round hockey-puck things they tried to pass off as mice. Maybe its just a little too much to ask for people to not think of their school's computers when thinking about Macs. Would be like asking Vietnam vets to not think about "charlies" or their friends dying when you talk about jungles or asian things. Still, some people are just too closed minded when it comes to computers.

I have MACs at my college... but only a handfull off them. I've used one before because it was the only computer in the design center hocked up to the A3 scanner. They are full tower cases that I think look so cool! And I don't see why everyone hates them... it seemed simple enough to use.

Well that would be because the G4 PowerPCs are nice. Much better than the crappy old iMacs that schools used to have. Most have changed out the iMacs for eMacs now, which are in all essence the same thing.


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Half of my school is Mac. Mostly G4 (the half globes) but there's quite a few G5's (the screen).
I hate the fact when I go down to help the Year 12's with Flash they Mac-bash like hell (stupid, idoitic reasons too) and bitch when the PC's (there's 3 in the room) freeze up or go slow. That's if they even have bother to try and work!
Over half the damn people in the course act and talk like they don't even want to do the the 2 year course!
Acording to the teacher I can already pass just over half the first year just with my basic Flash/ movie editting and Storyboard skills.
I so wish I got into that one instead of ICT. [/rant]


Two words: Don't care.

I've become so system-agnostic lately that it's just entirely frightening. I don't care what OS I'm running just as long as the API for it is documented and I can write software if the need arises.

It helps if the programs I write run on multiple systems with few modifications. Unfortunately, Microsoft is retarded and doesn't allow this with their APIs, so I either have to write wrappers or put in preprocessor macros to get around it.

In either case, I prefer GNU/Linux, distribution nonwithstanding. (Though, really, it's no secret that I'm a Debian guy.)