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If oneday we were all turned into furrs by some magical powers what would you do?


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What would I do?

First I'd take my physics, chemistry, and biology text books and smack my professors over the head with them.

Beyond that? I'm not too sure. Likely I'd make a killing as an airline company spokesman, or maybe even as a team mascot. The only thing I'd be certain of is that I'd invest in the shampoo and conditioner industries.


I would probably spend all day twitching my ears back and fourth, just because I could. I might also try and learn to fire a bow and arrow with my tail. That would be an awesome party trick.

EDIT: I would also pretend to be disney haracter to kids and then scare them witless. That would be fun.

"Hey kids, It's me, robin hood!"
-"Really? cool!"
"NO!" *fires shotgun*
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Tom Servo
I think I might also go out and just wander around aimlessly talking to people. See what animal everyone is...


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Actually, I'm not sure that a lot of furries would like if that were to happen. Why do I say that? I say that because they will probably not be turned into their fursona. You know? They would be turned into something completely different that they have no control or say over. Furries spend their whole existence building what they view as their ideal self...If something like this happened a person with a bird fursona might end up being a rat or something. I think a lot of people would be very upset about that.

This wouldn't really bother me much, so long as whatever I turn into won't severely effect my life, such as another time of mammal. In fact in my SHAPE universe, I'm a fisher rather than the leopard-fisher of my persona since its pure breeds only.


Also I like the way a lot of people think being a fur would scare people, but I though everyone was meant to be a fur in this A.R


I would find where this magic came from and use it to conquer the city of Los Angeles.

Because I don't like them.