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If Santa Clause was furry, what animal should he be?


The Monster Under Your Bed
but then again, santa is slave driver. you know all those elfs? well, they are children forced to make toys.

also, Mrs. claws, is actually a 20 something fox from California.


The Rambling Idiot...
That would be crazy....


I Am The Wonderlust King
Santa would be a naked mole rat, or possibly a scorpion with a handlebar mustache and a sombrero.


Hamburger time.
lol for some reason I was thinking about the winter solstice crossed with the christmas birth werewolf legend.

All will bow down to Werewolf Jesus! Plus Santa would have white wolves pulling his sleigh instead which to me sounds more appropriate to the whole arctic lore. ...or polar bears.


Um a panda? :p no thats silly.

There we go. Answer to all endangerment problems there. Obviously there's more bamboo in the North Pole. Quick, somebody call China!

That, or cross-breed 'em with polar bears. Then we'd screw over two races at once!

Yeah, but Santa being a Reindeer is just amazing to visualize. Can anyone say bondage and forced submission?




Satire writer
If Santa was furry he would be more flammable when going down the chimney.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
I dunno find an animal that lives in Turkey cause thats where the dude came from.


Santa Ape. D:
With his red fur and crinkled hands, hurling crudely made toys at predators. XD
Oh come on, his name is Sandy Claws! Judging by his last name, he has to be some kind of bear. My bets are on Polar Bear, but the "Sandy" bit leaves me wondering...