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If we were nude.


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derp, we our always naked. Clothes just guise what most humans call the "ugly human body." 99.999999% every other animal has never wore clothing

Most tribes have little if any clothing and they do completely fine. Its all self conscious more then anything. White man has too many repressed thoughts.

White man had more threats to his survival than Brown/Red man.

Because of the fact that white people originated in the Caucasus mountain region, they were threatened by cold weather and a whole new variety of problems largely caused by the environment in which these people were living. Thus, one of the advancements White man and Yellow man had to develop was clothing that insulated from the cold, after Brown man in the middle east had developed clothing for portable protection from the sun.

It is not without reason that we still wear clothing, you know.


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If we were nude, men would get embarrassed more often.
Probably not.

Average size of the male penis is under six inches anyway. In fact, being nude more often would kill a lot of the myths that are out there.


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If the entire world went naked it would be like the stone-age... except without stones. And instead modern machinery. Cops won't be able to arrest anyone for public nudity because they will be nude as well so you can just run out on the street screaming "communism", "F*** the government", etc. The bill of rights is a little too open lol.