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If you could bend the rules of reality and have 7 wishes, What would you ask?


Mr. Villanous charm
1-7) Be a god.


Sassy lesser panda.
1 To live in a Pokemon world.
2 To have nobody live without their basic needs.
3 To have everyone live without sickness or disease.
4 To have a better way of dealing with garbage and waste without hurting the environment.
5 To have super powers based on what inspires you.
6 To not be able to use those powers for harm in any way.
7 To be able to travel and live anywhere in the world freely without worrying about needing to prove yourself.


Stay pawsitive.
1. 500 million dollars
2. Free gasoline the rest of my life
3. Free rent the rest of my life.
4. Free pizza the rest of my life
5. Free first class air travel the rest of my life.
6. A Honda CR-X in mint condition.
7. A maid service that follows me everywhere I go.

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
1. Nobody wears clothes
2. Everyone having sex casually like giving someone a handshake
3. Everybody being big furries (muscular/chubby)
4. Men can get pregnant
5. Segregated male society
6. Society build around sex, like Sex school, sex restaurants, sex hospital
7. I'm the king of this dystopian world :V


1) all people tranforms into their fursonas
2) Get paid for play videogames
3) Materialize all food you want
4) Eat all you want with no consequences
5) Materialize waifus and cartoon characters making them servants or friends
6) 0% crime in the world
7) increase creativity worldwide to get tons of music and art and animations etc.


All 7 go towards adding a fictional character to my harem of characters that are waifu/husbando af. ;;;0;;;


1. No more STD
2. Everyone is furs
3. I get a cozy home in the woods
4. I get a hunky tiger daddy
5.Reserved for future perverted desires
6.Reserved for future perverted desires
7. Immortality (for me and my tiger daddy)

i need psychiatrist


1: a small loan of a million dollars, maybe two.
2: Cure for cancer and all other diseases.
3: autonomous driving is a realiable technology
4: Controllable weather
5: A technology to regrow forests within days.
6: De extinction becomes a thing
7: I will keep this one for the future.


Shekel collector
7 wishes you sa?

1 Control over time

next 6 i would keep depending on situation.


The Mistbinder
1. Permanent Restoration and Amplification for all former non-harmful interests. (People who no longer enjoy their former passions now enjoy them more than ever before.)
2. Bigots and evil people physically cannot take positions of economic or political power. Attempting to do so brands them magically with an ugly tattoo that burns if they try to run for office. The only way to lose the mark is to become a decent human being.
3. No more war.
4. No more disease.
5. Magic.
6. Infinite resources made by magic.
7. An anthro race to join the human race.
  • 7B: For me to have a big muscular anthro boyfriend.
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1. Elimate disease/illness from the whole world
2. Dismantle unfair goverments and make sure everyone has enough money, food and clean water, and less stupidly rich people hoarding it all
3. Remove big sources of pollution and threats to nature
4. Cure my loved one's mental illnesses so they can be happy
5. My own big castle in a secluded and quiet but still convenient location
6. Unending motivation to do art so I dont constantly struggle with it
7. Become a hermaphrodite


Blue Frog | Avatar by Lenago
1. Become my furry self with all his powers;
2. Meet Sonic and friends, the Donkey Kong gang, Toejam, Earl and other famous characters;
3. Humans and furries are able to live together in peace, and no wars against anyone for whatever reason;
4. Be able to see more different, unique colors, from radio to gamma-ray;
5. Technology is developed enough to the point that visiting far away planets is possible in no time, just like a car trip from a city to another nearby one;
6. No more disease/illnesses;
7. No more poverty