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If you could change one event from your past, what would it be?

I don't like this question, yet I do. I always answer "nothing" because I think too hard, and I realize if I undid any major mistake of mine I might end up somewhere else, and I like where I am... But this time I think I'm going to force myself to actually have an answer. Lemmy think a little...

I'd stop myself from ever agreeing to sign up for collage. I'm a 4th and 8th grade drop out whom just happened to pass the GED with flying colors, I'm a good tester; I am not smart. Anyway... Because of that, everyone was so proud of me, I got gifts and letters and yays, but it ended up not happening in the end because I KNEW we were too broke for it and I had to move away! My mother sees a $5 in her (or anyones) pocket and would use it to buy a car, she is not good with money... Even when we were rich we were poor. Anywho...

Reason I'd choose that moment, is because one of the gifts I got under the condition of going to collage, was a very powerful computer. It is now a very expensive doorstop for my father, he doesn't even want it. You have no idea the horror of going back to a 5 year old laptop after using one of those... I do resent him for taking it back, even though I have no good reason to... He didn't even want it...

Everything that happened to me because of that computer I assume would have happened anyway, one way or another, that's why I'm most comfortable with that choice. I think anyway... I miss Second Life....

Roarey Raccoon

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Despite the fact that I have many unhappy memories, I wouldn't want to change anything of my own past. I don't want to be anything other than what I am now; actually, I could do with being thinner. I'd take back all those incredibly unhealthy meals I've eaten over the years XP.


I would stop my great-grandfather from blowing the family fortune on alcohol.

The family used to own an estate in Scotland. An estate! With servants and everything! But no. Thankyou, Mister P, I'm so glad we didn't live in our own house until I was nine. We are still in debt. Still. :(


I would have had my mother actually ask if i wanted to be part of the NAGC. I would've said yes, damnit!

I'm too bitter about all this shit. It's not healthy, I swear :D.


We once had this pet rabbit and I tried taking it up the stairs in its box. There was hay and poo everywhere and Dad was steaming. I suppose if I could change that event it would have been one less spanking and one less sore bottom x:

Lina Loaded

Only one? But there's so many I could change! I think I'd have smashed the hallway mirror, that thing sapped all the self-esteem I had when I went past it. And considering it hung infront of the bathroom AND the kitchen.. It would be yes, basically re-writing my entire teenage years, but that might have been for the better. Who wouldn't want a happier life?


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Crazy Kat!
I made a HUGE mistake when my family (my stupid aunt especially) forced me to go to university. In my aunt's case, she wanted me to go the the University of British Columbia just like her. I kept telling them that they don't have any good art courses there, but they don't care.

Sad thing is it took them years to realize that I wanted to go to study art and animation, NOT go to university and become a clone of my stupid aunt.


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Kick the hell out of my parents for giving me a Commodore 64 in 1984. Now I'm stuck with a profession that equates more to being an electronic garbageman than something that I would find more entertaining.


You're a coder too, BrutusCroc?

Out of anything I'd try to make myself less of a judgemental idiot in first year of university. But if I hadn't been like that then, it's possible that I still would be now.
Well, i could do many changes that could help me know but i think the best one would be if ihadn´t pissed of my firs girlfriend. I loved her very much but i couldn´t see her talking to other guys ,i was a fool well now it´s too late to changes this...


I've actually thought about this question before. So far, though, I've not seen any reason to change my answer at the time.

Namely, if given the chance to change one thing in my past, it'd be deciding to be such a scholastic f*ck-off after grade school. While not a specific event, per se, it's about the only thing I truly regret, being an educational slacker when I was given the opportunity for free.

(Well, not free to taxpayers, but free to me, unlike post-HS education when grants aren't available.)

Time for some random thread necromancy!!! :p


Well, it's kind of sad and something I couldn't have seen coming,... but I would never have leaned down and put my face in my dog's face when I was twleve. Would have saved me a scar, some surgeries, plenty of mental pain, and having to put my dog to sleep....

I'm pretty happy with my past though, overall. Sure, some things I would have done differently, but who can see the future, anyhow? If you could, we'd all have perfect happy memories and nothing else.


I stopped drawing in middle school because I thought it was immature and I wanted to fit in. Didn't work, and now I can't help but feel I'm artistically 4 years behind where I should be.


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i couldnt decide wich event so here are a couple....

1: go back in time and convince my brother never to start smoking pot. he's now served his time and is clean but his ability to live on his own has been set back to the point that he'll probally not be capible of supporting himself completely untill he is 30-35...

2: go back in time and stop my father from smoking pot. my father had 5 kids, a bi polar wife and his mid life crisis hit him like a fuckin freight train. he did what the "cool kids" do and tried to feel young. that ment smoking pot. had he not done that he wouldnt be living with his mother these days mucking stalls on the family ranch.... he is too depressed for his mechanical genius to be of much use anymore... had he not started smoking he would still be married, still have a job that would have made us upper middle class at least(he was a network administrator when he started smoking) and see his children every day....

3: go back to hs and get a better gpa... d's dont look good on ANYTHING... imagine i try to start my dream company in the future and people question if a guy who got so many d's in hs could run a company....

4: go back and get started learning tae kwon do earlier in my life.... or even better have myself start aikido at a very young age..... the martial arts REALY have helped my life....


If I could change one event from my life, it would have been the day I was raped. I would have reported it right away instead of waiting 3 years before telling a living soul. Most would think I would have wanted to prevent the rape but no, I know it shaped me into who I am.


Hmm, when I think on it I wouldn't really change any past event if they feel me bad.

Because I have learned lessons from those. Usually it's from my own behaviour after all...
Wasting three years of my life trying to keep a job. Ended up working as a Temp becuase I couldn't hold a job, generally becuase it was very boring and I was easily distracted/didn't care.

Nowadays I've been working a year with a great company who treat me as an individual and key player, I actually feel wanted!


Wait, what?
If I could go back and change one thing, it'd be to convince myself to not dropout of High-School. That was the most braindead thing I have ever done. Ever since then, everything has gone downhill.