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If you could do anything for an hour, what would it be?


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If you could do anything for an hour, what would it be?
I wanted to see what people would do if they had one hour to do whatever they want!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Cute ladyfur.


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Have the ability to have the ability to grant myself wishes permanently. (Not a typo.)

sleepy kitty

frisky feline
See my family


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Tricky one. I could do something crazy and exciting like snog a movie star, or fly, or throw fireballs, or have one long orgasm, but I know that if I did anything like that that, the second it stopped I would forever miss being able to do it again. And I'm deliberately trying not to game the system by being able to grant wishes, then granting my own wish for that ability to continue after the hour was up.

So I think I'd just have one massive winning streak at a casino. At least the money I won would stick around.


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Oh god, I'm so sorry for forgetting ... I'll take you on a yacht ride afterwards to make up for it.
A yacht ride? Honey, the last time we went on a yacht ride there was only one bed. And it was barely big enough for two people IF they cramped up together.

Food was amazing though.. =3=

Do neurotypicals understand themselves well though?

It's a bit like sitting inside a box. You are only ever able to observe, sense and feel everything inside it but you cannot observe the box itself. You only ever have an inside perspective and understanding. I would love to be able to observe, sense and feel the box from the outside as well, for understanding of the box you are currently sitting in.


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I would spend my magic hour making a real verson of my eevee ‘virus’


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You bring the AR-15 and I will bring the Super Soaker, we'll get the hostages tripping balls as well.


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Launch into orbit


Canis Centuarus
Gather all my crushes and just cuddle

Stray Cat Terry

Gain the ability to resize my canvas after the initial canvas setup. Cuz otherwise I can't draw any comics...