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If you could have any pet...


The most squishy of the buns.

A roc, a giant bird to fly me anywhere, to protect me and eat my enemies!


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On second thought, if there were such a thing as a 'domesticated' version, then a Fossa would be my # 1 pick...cutest animal on the planet! (aide from us skunks)


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If I could, I would love to have a cougar with me (big cat to snuggle with every night)

I wouldn't mind having a fennec fox, red fox, or an arctic fox


I'm a trashbag. A cute trashbag
For fictional animals I'd have to say either a Griffin, Kirin or Angel Dragon

For real animals....well an owl, raven, maned wolf or a tiger


Is honestly confused by life.
Pythons aren't venomous. They suffocate you.
There's a breath play joke here somewhere.


Is honestly confused by life.
Pythons are a little big for me. I'm no size queen when it comes to reptiles. I prefer my snakes at a bit more manageable size, myself. Call me crazy.