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If you could have any pet...


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That's what my ex- used to say x3
I mean, I could handle a python. I've had to deal with a few larger snakes. They're not that big of a pain to care for. I just... I dunno. I don't care what size it is. Unless it's a micro-snake

It's just awkward when your finger is bigger than your snake, y'know?


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A german shepherd dog


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Wolf, but only if I would live in a own house somewhere in a forest or in a big field. That it could live outside and walk all the day.

Ha! Homo sapiens ) A wife, I need a wife)
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a fox or a wolf would be neat.


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...a human......
*random noise coming from outside*



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Alright, my time has come (forgive me for I will sin your ears). First, I would start by trying to get my poochies back... we had to give them up due to money constraints and where we live. If they aren't adopted yet, I would take them back in a heartbeat.

Now for more realism. 5 gallon betta fish tank, easy first pick. Next, I would have 2 10-20 tanks, one fresh water and one salt water. I'm not fully decided on the species that I would keep in those yet, but i'll have plenty of time to debate while I set up a Goldfish pond! I would LOVE 3-4 rats, large as hell wall mount for their cage. When it comes to dogs, they are a given and we will adopt probably around 2-3; depending on what we could handle. Finally, for the more foreign pets, I would LOVE to start owning reptiles, which would start with a bearded dragon. I'm a little on the fence with the pick, but I feel as if it be an enlightening pet. :3

Also chickens.... we are going to own chickens one day; and one of them will just be mine for a pet (as in we wouldn't butcher her once she stops laying eggs). I'd be tempted to own a goat, because they are pretty high up there with animal favorites (I mean they defy gravity and stomach acid on a consistent basis, they're super-animals). However, i'd probably skip out with the amount of animals I plan to own. X3

I'm the crazy cat lady with all pets BUT cats... I would definitely own a cat or two if they didn't literally kill me... and I do mean that literally. Lel


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I want a reindeer! :3
They are so tasty... :L

I would have Zipline, because he'd probably be both comical and obedient!

Or else, an Anteater, because I keep seeing more and more ants here.


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Also: A (descented) Skunk. Our neighbors had one, and it was the cutest thing ever! As cute as me, even. About as tame as a cat, less skittish that most bunnies.