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If you could have any pet...

Coffee Lion

Caffeine Headache
I would have a CHAIN CHOMP!


HUMAN! awwwww humans are soo cute. how they stand up on two legs instead of four.
AAAHHH i wonder about my own mental status.


Harmless Hyaenid
All of these I have planned for the future, hehe; green anaconda, leucistic Burmese python, lavender albino retic, coastal carpet, a high red or a t neg or a chrome head blood Python (or one of the jet black short tails), Mexican black kingsnake, longicauda boa, Biak GTP, woman python, cave racer, and viper boa. All these guys are pretty obtainable.

What I really want and probably will never lay hands on is a Boelens python, a Dominican red mountain boa, Bahamian silver boa, bamboo ratsnake, and a macklot python... to name a few.

Venomous wise I would kill for a broad banded copperhead. Either a gaboon viper or a rhino viper would be great too... not to mention eyelash viper... Carolina locality pygmy rattlesnake... hnng. I love vipers. Gotta find a lesbian who's okay with snakes to marry.

Otherwise, I want a croc skink, Savanna monitor, and a knight anole..... tarantulas and parrots are also great. Fish wise I reeeeally want an arowana. And a Moray eel.

My house will be a zoo, assuming I'm financially stable enough to sustain all these critters.


did u say food
I have never wanted a bird that much until i went to the pet store yesterday and played with like four of them, i had a giant blue macaw on my head xD I want a bird so bad now haha


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Does an m16a1 count as a pet?


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Oh god why....


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Assuming it would be tame and I'd have the room for a large enclosure, I'd want a lion.


The Over Caffeinated Vulpine
The plan is to get a Shiba Inu when I move out, currently there isn't enough room for a third dog in my house.