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If you could have any pet...


The Over Caffeinated Vulpine
I see what you mean, it must be a VERY big house for that cutey. X3

like 20 pounds of fluff!


Herbivoraceous Musician
A gray wolf.


Its not the human race, its just the human race
Any pet huh? How about a huma--I mean a kangaroo that does NOT want to mutilate me. It can attack other people though. Now if I could pick extinct creatures too, I'd pick some type of raptor that has feathers.


Furries Are The Future
Naturally, the Foxxorz would like a red foxxorz. :3c I would teach it to argue with me.


Woof? Woof
We talkin' fictional or real?

If real I wouldn't mind a tame panther, tiger or a cheetah. They are pretty much only large cats with a bit more temperament. :p
Or a fox. Fennec foxes are cute as hell too.

If fictional, a dragon. BURN THY NON-BELIEVERS! Could fly all over 'n shit.
Or a Chocobo would be awesome, too. Could travel a lot, too, because fuck cars. :p


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
If it could be tamed and house broken, I'd go with a South American giant otter.

Generic Fox

King of Autotune
While there are a number of species of tamed (taught to love humans) foxes, there are also domesticated (bred to love humans) foxes. They're very fluffy, and I plan on adopting one at some point ^~^
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Insanity can be such a beautiful thing.
A red fox and a giant fruit bat/flying fox.


Hello, Proto
I would enjoy my girlfriend also being my pet, but she doesn't have the headspace for it.
So I will settle for being hers<3