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If you could move to any country other than your own where would you go?

If you could go to any other country OTHER THAN WHERE YOU LIVE where would you go?

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No haze.

Also I would never go to it.

It had the largest number of anti semetic occurs of 2009. About 314 without graffity and comments.

@TashkentFox - I have no power to qoute you because you have Borat in your signature. The anti - semetic doesn't really hurt me because I can easily hide it.
If somebody asks me for it, I'd respond - "It doesn't change any facts about the person, it worthless to ask. More likely to ask, what do you, Mr. Nazi sir, believe in." ...

Also I believe you don't know how a secular jew looks - define a secular jewburger.
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Wooo France. Watch some soccer and do non-cliche stuff there =P Maybe check out Bordeaux ^o^


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I've seen videos of Toronto, and it looks like an excellent city. It's clean, it's not too far from my folks, and the weather there is the same as the weather in Northeast Ohio.


Why is das Deutsches vaterland getting so many votes?


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I vote for an unchartered island with a mansion.

And a jet.

And a helicopter.

Some four-wheelers would be nice too.

And all of my fantasies come to life.

Yes, the bad parts too.
What do you mean by haze then? I though it was supposed to be mist and/or cloudy.
Haze is not a word with a main translation as 'FOG' or 'MIST', haze is dust or sand particles in the air that cause the air to look yellow or light brown.
It hurts breathing system and eyes.
It makes heat and radiation become worser.

The perfect weather.

Actually not I prefer mist and cloudy weathers.


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Russia all the way


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Yeah, it's like the best colour model there is. So much better than CMYK.

I was talking bout Pokemon, but oh well

Lucy Bones

I'd go to Australia. I love exotic animals, and all the best are always in Australia.


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I'd go to Australia. I love exotic animals, and all the best are always in Australia.

But the weather's so hot over there ='/