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If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?


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Just as the title says.
If you snuffed it right this minute, what would your family, friends, acquaintances, or cops or something find on your computer?

For me they would find my questionable desktop background at first, with horribly disorganised files and shortcuts and whatnot. They will find several gigabytes worth of silly images and .gifs courtesy of the internet, and lots and lots and lots of war pictures. I also have a bunch of creepy-as-fuck pictures and .gifs, some full of gore. I also have a folder of furry stuff, which contains multiple subfolders within a subfolder that contains lots of furry porn. Some of it rather, uh, niche. And then some gay stuff. Then a few animated ones. And then normal things. And then HILARIOUS things.

Also there's the auto-login for p. much everything I have like my IM thingies (complete with chat histories, AAAUUGH) and then my browser history, which could be interesting. If not horribly embarassing.

TL;DR ITT: Post your reasons why your computer has/should have a password on it. Get it off your chest, guys!


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Well, I mostly use booru-sites to get my yiff-fix; But I keep some of the really good stuff on my hard drive. They'd probably find some sketchy slash-fiction, one or two odd niche furry porn movies, and a picture of Mayhem done in the style of those idiotic "dolan" comics. Nothing too incriminating, I suppose; but then again, I'd be dead before I'd have to live down the social stigma of people knowing I'm a furry. What REALLY scares me is if anyone found my dream journal. THAT's got some pretty kinky stuff written in it.

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My folder full of furry pictures (200+ pics atleast), My Sype that contains some inappropiate RP. that's it really.


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They'll find my posts on Furaffinity, my Steam account, some funny pictures, my schoolwork, nothing big really. I wouldn't give a shit because dead people are unable to give shits. That's because they're dead.
My hidden folder of furry porn, another folder of normal porn, and My Fa account (with porn on it). I'm gonna spend the last few seconds of life deleting shit.


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An uncountable mass of unorganised wildlife and pet photographs i have taken over the years. Plus with some random music collections and furry/anthro images i use for desktops, and a bunch of reaction gifs and images for funnyjunk :/

They will then google what a furry is and be horrified.


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My internet history is a disaster of gross images.

No regrets, I'm dead anyway.

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A lot of pictures I took of nature. Half finished ideas. A lot of music, most of them being soundtracks. And my games.


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If you snuffed it right this minute, what would your family, friends, acquaintances, or cops or something find on your computer?
Oh god why.
They'd find 65.6 gb of machinima and live action of video games or stuff related to it and fanmade content, music, 300+ artists I follow, 1gb hentai, had 22gb porn but deleted it to make extra room for random videos, 1gb clop, my collection of video games and such. If the feds busted down my door and searched my computer I would only get slapped on the wrist with mild copyright infringement. From a legal standpoint I do nothing wrong, from a societal standpoint my face would be red.

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Lots of furry pics, I think there are over 5k of them. Never watched through them all.
Lots of retarded pictures and gifs.


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Theyd find nothing suspiciuos, I use private browsing and store all my files on flashdrives


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A shitton of games, netflix, FaF and youtube.


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My PC is programmed to self destruct the moment I die. It's for the best.
A very large storage of chipmusic and other kinds of electronic/synthetic music mixed together with a bit of chill, jazz and 80's. That makes up about 110 GB.
About half a tera of anime.
I have steam loaded but don't have any games installed. I delete them to make room and the most disturbing game they'll find is fortix or maybe blade kitten.


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My PC is programmed to self destruct the moment I die. It's for the best.
Come on, tell us. At least a summary what you're afraid of being found out.


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Not much for me seeing as this computer went live only a few months ago, but they'd find mostly funny pictures, a few furry drawings I've made, a bunch of TF2 freezecam shots, a the meager amount of music I reloaded on (mostly Of Montreal) and perhaps a few pictures from someone I was briefly with. :oops:

Other than that, it's more password protected to keep my family from screwing around with it seeing as I'm always the one with a computer that 1: Is typically only one generation behind at worst and 2: actually works 99% of the time.


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lots of music
furry art
furry porn
random gifs


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They would soon discover I was even more disorganised digitally than I was with real possessions.
There are school projects I did when I was 15, which I still don't delete for some reason.
There are tonnes of bad photography and crappy drawings, including a few sketches they would consider rather pervy and gay.
Along with the revelation that I'm addicted to online forums, having racked up over 32,000 posts on one site alone, they would then discover that the filter they use to block unsavoury material isn't very effective when they stroll across my FA favourites list.

But on the plus side they would see how commited I am to finding good sources of information, monitoring global snow and auroral extent, trying to keep my German alive and generally doing educational things.

But anyway all of the material I wouldn't want them to find, namely sketches, exists in hard copies. I would not be surprised if they've already snooped a few looks whilst rummaging around in my room.