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If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?


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Half finished story commission for a babyfur because I hate those fucks but for some reason they give me money for stuff like this. And money buys me booze so I can drink away the momeries.

Um...depending on how much money you get you probably shouldn't be dissing your customer base in public.


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Half-finished concepts, dreams that never came to fruition, and metaphorical broken pencils.
Also, "music" that sounds like fifteen minutes of lawnmower in a blender... microwaved!

he's a closet religionist and it's filled with bible passages and religious artwork.
Makes sense.


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Hmm let's see... Furry related stuff, human porns, badly drawn doodles, funny pictures, some music, my passwords, questionable bookmarks.

That's all I can think of right away.


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All of my homework and Paradox interactive games. Don't save much on my laptop as much as I used to.


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Many gigabytes of what-the-fuckery, courtesy of 4chan.
No gore or porn. (who the fuck saves porn on their computer anymore jesus)

Tons o' vidya and vidya gamez.

Meh, I wouldn't care.

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Nothing bad would be found: like 20 furry pics (which are my backgrounds, so who gives a fuck), Slender, played it once, will find the courage to play it again, homework, and amazing music (aside from the crappy stuff my sister puts on there). In short, the only things that I keep secret are what I look up on FaF, Youtube, and Facebook, because nobody gives a damn and I don't have the time to tell them absolutely everything that I do.
Lots and lots of games, a ton of photos from trips and my ill-fated attempts at photographing the universe thru my telescope, and a few other random programs.


Lets seeee

Games Like Portal 2, All the Half Lifes, Tf2, A big porn folder with sub folders in it of specific kinds of porn, Erotic writings, Some random memes, Pics of my boyfriend, Lots of music and The Warden from Superjail Background.



I only use this computer for leisure; going through my browsing history, they'd find Encyclopedia Dramatica, wikifur, and youtube arguments. I use Tor to acquire porn, which is stored on a flash drive.


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"Operating system not found."
I have an electromagnet mounted below the hard drive connected to a heart monitor. If I die, it dies. :V

In truth, the usual roundup of miscellaneous documents, some Top Gear and other videos interspersed in there, some silly pictures courtesy of the internet, a few transgender resources, and 129GB of *ahem* adult material, of that about 20 of that is furry, equating to about 140,000 pictures (don't ask me why I have that many, I wish I knew).

Excuse me while I go disable automatic login on every system I own.


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Bear in mind that I've only had this computer for a year:

5 gigs of music files and scraps I've made, 42 gigs of music (plenty of which is pirated, the best stuff I've bought.) that I would hope they stop and check out, only a few hundred megabytes of harmless internet pictures, furry pics (some of which is questionable), other artwork pics (again, which they should bother looking at), some games, etc.

FA is bookmarked... And I browse with filters off, so there's that.
My email is usually signed in, so they can get a rough (but filtered) view of browsing history (which is cleared regularly).
Overall I guess it's not that bad...
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So much beastiality.

Jokes aside, you'd find everything I ever downloaded, created, saved or edited (ever) in \Desktop\DUMP. Then there's all the "home movies" in \Movies.

Then there's all the stories in \GoogleDrive...

Though to be fair, having so much Paheal.net in my browsing history will say enough. At least my Skype and Steam don't automatically log in.
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Though to be fair, having so much Paheal.net in my browsing history will say enough.

That freakin' site :S I think I hate it because it ruined my brain in one click, but then again it alerted me about the dangers of the unexplored internet and told me all about furries (again in one click).

Anyway, there's nothing really contentious on my computer. A couple of pseudo-provocative furry drawings dl'd from dA, lots of music (99% of which is legally acquired, funnily enough), some drafted blog entries and stories, some bad, incomplete 3D models and a fair amount of my own music. Oh, and photos. Lots of photos, mostly of other people taken from in a bush with a telephoto lens :V

Oh, and FaF is bookmarked. That could raise some eyebrows. I don't know why I have to die for people to search my laptop, though.


One folder of university stuff.
One folder of Furry Art.
One folder of music.
One folder of Furmeet photos, containing some weird snapshots. I think photos of people goofing around is the most embarassing thing they'll find.


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Music, a couple animes I've yet to clear off my HDD after finishing them, some TV shows I've yet to watch, a folder of furry porn, too many random images to count from many years of browsing the internet, and lots and lots of video games.

Thats about it, really.
Furry stuff, a lot of messages to my boyfriend (and I mean A LOT), some drawings, and my FAF account.

I just hope the person looking won't be my parents.

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No idea what to write here...
A huge amount of school work and an even bigger amount of a certain material i'm not going to mention i think you all know what i mean by that. oh and a huge amount of things on furries which is sure to freak everyone of my family and friends out.
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