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If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
They would find a bunch of steam games, a lot of music and movies and lots of FAF/Fb/4chan in browser history


They'd find out I am more of a nerd than they suspected. Then they'd find all kinds of porn, gore, and questionable stuff. Text files full of insane rants. Video games. Star Trek fanart. No regrets though. I'm dead, and if my hard drive traumatizes them, it's their own fault for looking at my stuff.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.


New Member
First they would find a password-protected BIOS, then a truecrypt volume with 3 other virtual truecrypt volumes within the first one, each having a different password.
Then if ever they get past all that they would find horrible things like terabytes of dicks and cum


Parking Lot Enthusiast
An absolute ton of femboi porn.
It'd be funny


5 GB of furry art in PSD format.

And shitton of bookmarks leading to urm... the darkest depths of the internet.


Fag Enabler, Breeder Disabler
several emergency suicide notes.


Parking Lot Enthusiast
An absolute ton of femboi porn.
It'd be funny

I feel I should elaborate and mention that it's hyooman stuff.

Also, they'd find some pretty lulzy Skype logs, a big 4chan folder of various images (including a ton of String Emil pictures that are for purely comedic purposes), furry shit, a goldmine of music, interesting file names (give all my temp files stupid names).
In My Documents there is a folder called porn and just has a picture of Alfonso Ribeiro in it.
Pictures like, eurrgh, this.


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Updating the contents of my PC:

A garbled mess of icons.
Some incomplete projects, be they art, writings, or games.
A pictures folder stuffed with what.

A porn folder hidden in a folder in another folder in my pictures folder, that contains stuff that I've never actually looked at after saving it, I mean what.

Also various war shit.


The Arcane Sage
When they hit the enter key on the third incorrect try it would auto reformat the hard drive!


Definitely not any fluffy porn of a certain flavor of pie that recently went to the bakery of hot sweat and lustfull colors :p


Loveable Pony
A bunch of Steam games, some Animaniacs episodes and a load of MLP pictures :3


Well Known Foxxo
Depressing Existentialist stories, furry art, all my photos from my various trips to various nature preserves, all my school shit, the history of stupid videos I watched relating to video games and terrible comedy. I think I covered everything

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
A ton of shitty digital paintings of pokemon.


Meat Popsicle
Steam games and a bunch of torrented shit.
[smart enough to keep yiff/porn on hidden thumbdrive]