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If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?


Lots of dragons certainly, and games, also music, pretty much anything a *cough* normal person would keep on their computer, almost.


Lots of dragons certainly, and games, also music, pretty much anything a *cough* normal person would keep on their computer, almost.

there iz NO SUCH THING as a normal person in this fandom :V


Simply amazing.
Files upon files of absolute randomness. I'm talking shit about military, cosplay, recipes, Youtube shit I've found over the years that I don't have the heart to throw away because nostalgia, gaming facts and news for my gaming profile on twitter (gotta keep my peeps updated!), conventions for the future, reddit stuff, as well as the crunchyroll page because Attack on Titan. I could literally go on about what all I have on my laptop.
With that being said, "Hi, my name is [why would I tell you?] and I'm a hoarder of complete and utter nonsense"


More Metal Than You !!!
a bunch of odd forum posts, some weird-ass porn, a ton of unfinished songs and borderline Satanic/genocidal lyrics/poetry, and some disturbing artwork.


Writer extraordinaire
Tons of opened Firefox tabs, more than a hundred pages of my book, a translation project that has dragged for waaay too long, lots of game reviews, various game music files and tons of pictures of my cute face for no valid reason (well, okay, it's mainly because I take a lot of Skype selfies when in conversation with someone).


90's Cat
Actually, not much. Some crappy Steam games, a few furry drawings (clean, mind you), some awful poetry, and a ton of old music. I believe they'd be very disappointed.


Loveable Pony
Order forms for some MLP Leggings :3

Kitsune Cross

**** that **** now! Bitch
A lot of random images from internet, some lyrics and music sheets that may never see the light, some draws everything clean, weirdass internet history and bizarre things in the search bar (this one may be the most fucked up) and a lot of underground (and mainstream) music, I'm pretty proud of the last one

If I die, I just wish I won't be judged for what I did at the pc xd

Actually, who cares, when I'm dead won't be my problem anymore


My entire life for the last four years. A shitload of college papers and projects, lots of photography, lots of music (including every album by The Beatles), a bunch of random TV shows I've bummed off of friends, and furry art buried three to four files deep under everything else with oddly inconspicuous file titles.


Movies, notes of classes, music, art I drew and a folder of "funny" deer and dog pictures.


Loveable Pony
A variety of stories based around MLP. Weird to some but great for others :)

Mr. Jumps

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Im running windows 7 home in parallel to Ubuntu on my second desktop.
My windows rig has a 8TB raid 0 and the Ubuntu has a 300gb drive filled with music, movies, and program backups.
My main rig has a tb or so of Lua codes, another Tb of games. One whole tb just for screenshots, photos, video game captures. The rest is filled with Furryness and even more programs for "Anon" purpose. Leaving half a Tb open.
If they found my browsing history they would wanna kill themselves. 4chan/reddit/(list of 20 furry type sites) heartbleed codes/ lua codes/ pern/ FAF/ my own blog and its 6 followers. XD

I forgot the tacostand mod menu oped in my ts client, they would hear that mess of logic.
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阴茎 :V
A YouTube tab, fur affinity tab, fur affinity forum tab, Skype, civilization v, and maybe gimp.

As for files, well, they will probably have committed suicide halfway through. :V

Hybrid Persona

Submit to the blue.
Besides FAF open in tabs? Nothing at the moment.

What's on my HDD though. That's a totally different and interesting story.

Personal Stuff:
1.12 GB folder of awesome pictures (no porn)
800 MB folder of funny/reaction/gif pictures (no porn)
2.65 GB of music, 95% of them consisting of singles
46.4 KB worth of great quotes in a txt file

As you might note, I don't save porn at all since I think it's too much of a risk for someone else to find. And encryption? Pfftt. Why don't I just put up a big flashing neon sign next to my computer that says, "I have something to hide."

DAEMON Tools Lite
Foxit Reader

Serious Sam 3
Guild Wars 2
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Shepherd of Fire
A LOT of unfinished songs. And, of course, shameful conversation histories...


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I'm not totally sure what's on my hard drive but i know it's a mess, so probably more miscellaneous things than i can think of right now, but most embarrassing would be my saved wikipedia pages mostly on mammalian fossils.


Lots and lots of pictures, some art scans, a few digital models, a few lines of dark poetry, an encrypted file with info on this guy I used to stalk, some programming stuffs, and an encrypted file that no one will ever be able to crack with some furry stuff.


More Metal Than You !!!
Just gotta say this...good job necrobumping this one year to the day of the last post. It really had me scratching my head for a while

Mr. Sparta

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I have new computer, so just pictures of Baneposting ATM.

Also, dat necro :)


The only terrible thing I have on my computer is an artful topless pic of me my photographer friend took during his visit.


Chat logs with absolutely horrifying fetish role-play, completely unforgivable pornography, and things that are so inexplicable that they would probably just assume it was some sort of porn as well.