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If you had a kid and you found out they were a furry,

Would you throw them out of your house/disown them?


    Votes: 11 11.7%
  • No, because furries should accept each other

    Votes: 54 57.4%
  • Depends

    Votes: 29 30.9%

  • Total voters


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I didn't know there were people who aspired to be hypocritical parents.

Disowning your children is idiotic. Unless their only problem is leeching off you financially, then it doesn't send any sort of helpful message. But then again, most people aren't just spoiled, in which case it would do more good to work through things with their kid, instead of being a lazy parent. And really, unless they want to fuck a dog or a small child, I hardly see the problem.
This, because the this button doesn't emphasize it enough.
I mean, I can see why this fandom is the most self-hating fandom there is, but I didn't know they'd make such terrible parents too! :D

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Depends: are they looking at gay yiff and saying "wmirl" to people on the internet, handing out our address and phone number...

Of course, that isn't what it means to be a furry... the furry-ness would have nothing to do with it really... looking at gay non-yiff porn and the wmirl crap would get me just as ticked.

(that's not to say if they were gay i'd disown them just for that-- but i'd want 'em to be honest about it. Honesty is a virtue. Lies are perhaps the only thing that would cause me to disown someone, other than pure evil.)


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I'd really rather not disown them, if they were a furry I'd only disown them as a last option.
If they were into like snuff or something as terrible, I'd send them to a therapist.


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I'd make him or her a fursuit and take him or her to conventions with me. :3


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I would disown my kids if they were sucking dog wieners, not for being furry in general

But then again, I would be questioning why I had kids in the first place
What the fuck is this shit? seriously? A child would still be developing and would get into lots of shit they will grow out of (it's called adolescence). If i had a child and they told me they were a furry i would say 'No your not.' and if the child were old enough that he/she could make his/her own decisions then i really wouldn't care it's their life who am i to tell them how to live it i might question as to why but i wouldn't say 'GTFO'. And as for the 'depends' option it shouldn't depend, you should never disown your own child. Please, someone give me an example why you might consider disowning your own child.


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I didn't know there were people who aspired to be hypocritical parents.
The beauty of it is I'm not one of them :mrgreen:

And really, unless they want to fuck a dog or a small child, I hardly see the problem.
They did say they're a Furry, if it applies to all your kids and you have six (assume your wife's a clowncar or your husband is extremely fertile) then at least one of them is likely a Zoo.


I'm not going to vote, since two answers are retarded and one is a waste of time. So I'll just post my answer.

I wouldn't give a shit. Think about it. We're furries. If we have kids who are furries, and we don't want them to be furries, then we're being hypocrites. And hypocrites need to die.

I would support my kids in whatever the hell they wanted as long as they were safe.
They're gay/bi? Okay.
They're having sex? Fine with me. Maybe I can give them some tips.
They're furries? Alright then. Maybe I can get them fursuits for their birthdays.
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Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
then we're being hypocrites. And hypocrites need to die.
But what if you came home one day and they were fucking the dog?
There's a 1/6 chance of them being a zoophile.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Or if you walked in on them jackin' it to herm shitting dicknipples vore guro anal rape?
I'd send them to a psychiatrist and get them mental help.


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I probably would too.
Dear gods, I just thought of something... what if this generation's furries grow up to become the next generation's Psychiatrists / Guidance Counselors?


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I'd say great, now I have someone to go to the conventions with.


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You guys are fuckin stoopid.

If your a furvert & they were too & you tell them not to they're just going to hate you in the end.

You gotta let kids have a little bit of freedom, if you lie to them or try to stop them their just going to want to do it more.

I plan to avoid the horrors & waste of life & money known as parenting though.
Still I think I'd be a good dad.


But what if you came home one day and they were fucking the dog?

"Well Timmy, there's a fourteen percent chance that one day, I might catch you humping Biscuits over there, so you're not allowed to live here anymore. Yes, of course the dog is more important than you. What, you say that makes me more of a furry than you are? Nonsense, now get the fuck out."


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Me too, actually. I guess there's just something about furry that makes certain people want to know what goes on in our heads.

One day, I shall write my thesis on furries, and it will be grand. So, so grand.
The human mind always amazed me, and meeting furries only made me want to know more. :V


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If I had a kid and found out that they were a furry, I wouldn't disown them...
Instead, I'd email all their friends about it, they get horrifically embarrassed, and hopefully stop looking at porn.
If they have sex with a dog, I tell their friends that, too. Then say that the dog has AIDS.
Oh boy... now I can't wait to be the parent of a furry dog-rapist...


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This is a stupid poll. I wouldn't disown them because furries need to be 'accepting of each other'. That's goatshit. I wouldn't disown them becasue, I dont' know, they're my fucking kid. There is no reason for a parent to disown a child, ever.