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If you had to pick a different species...


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A dolphin. :V


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I don't really have one, so this barely applies to me, but I'll answer anyway.

Coyote. They're like wolves, except brown and with bigger tails and closer to my personality (prefer to work alone, a bit nervous of taking on larger tasks, not really nervous around others so much as shy, etc.)


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If I had a fursona to switch, it would probably be to a virus.

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I never considered that. Every other fur I've talked to said they can't imagine me as anything else!


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I think a German Spitz.


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That's a Pomeranian, dude. Cute one, though. One of the few lapdogs I can stand to look at.

Pomeranians are German Spitzes, dude. German Spitzes are a breed that comes in five sizes: Wolfspitz, Großspitz, Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz and Zwergspitz.

America recognizes three of them: the Keeshond (Wolfspitz), the American Eskimo Dog (Mittelspitz) and the Pomeranian (Zwergspitz or Toy German Spitz).

Of course, since anthros are generally human-sized I don't need to make the distinction. Plus, Pomeranians kinda get a bad rap for being small and yappy. I love them, though. I have one of my own.

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I love the fuzzy Pom fur! We looked after a 7 mo. old Eskie pup a few years ago while his family was on vacation; I didn't want to give him back! The first night we put his crate in my room but left the door open; he hopped in the bed and curled up at my feet. When I woke up the next morning, he was stretched out with his back against my stomach...UNDER the sheets!

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Prbably a deer.


Mammalian? Zebra. I've got a thing for stripes.

Avian? Albatros or Storm-petrel. Birds with an intercontinental cruise range are pretty damn cool!
Actually already changed mine to stallion. I'm only keeping this one around as a pen name. But if I had to change it AGAIN, probably a bull. They're hot as hell.


if i had to i would want to be a fox/dragon hybrid


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A hawk, no particular reason, just like the way they look

also i could say Hawkward, and no one could be mad :p
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Well...Im actually thinking of mixing Kyriann and Ebony to make a fox/wolf hybrid...not really a different fursona I suppose...just mixing two together xP
If I had to make a totally different one though I'd probably say a Raccoon, just because I love Raccoons


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Fox. Foxes are cute. Uh, er, I mean... foxes are badass. Yeah, badass. :oops: