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If you use it, why do you use firefox?

Multiple choice

  • Because it's mascot is a cute fox!

    Votes: 46 45.5%
  • Speed

    Votes: 48 47.5%
  • Safety

    Votes: 45 44.6%
  • doesnt keep your history

    Votes: 20 19.8%
  • Because IE sucks, and safari is a clone of IE

    Votes: 51 50.5%
  • I dont use firefox.

    Votes: 21 20.8%

  • Total voters


'Net Help Desk


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
My AVG does this
Foxed that for you.

What was that feature in Mac Safari where widgets could be installed from the Web, potentially without the user's consent, and couldn't be uninstalled by any user-accessible means? It was shortly after Leopard's release.
Hmm, doesn't ring any bells, but that's a hazy time for me. I'm curious to know a bit more about that one now.


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Nope, Firefox never did have an anti-virus built-in. It might have been an extension for one of those online scanners, or it could have been that you actually did have an AV back then. As ArielMT said, the only scanning Firefox does on its own is anti-phishing, which many other browsers (IE included) also incorporate.


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Addons, Chatzilla (technically and addon but I like it more), I like the history setup, and of corse the name.


Don't use it. Too heavy, eats too many resources out of the box and I can only imagine what happens when you put add-on in it. Also is way slower in opening pages then other browsers (at least here).
Chrome stayed on the PC exactly 30 minutes until it decided it needs a whole 400 MB ram for 3 opened pages.
Safari is good, when it doesn't decide to use 70% CPU :)
So back to IE. Stable and fast :) All the protection you need is called "common knowledge". You can easily survive even without your AV program out there :p


Miss Priss

No, Firefox does not do that.

It scans for phishing....oh wait you said that in a second post. anyway yea it scans all my e-mails and sites for phishing.

also eliminated pop-ups so much better than IE ever could have.
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Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
I have only a few other options: I use Linux.


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At first? All the addons. Ad Block Plus and Greasemonkey are great. Now? Not so sure. FF3 isn't all that fast and I'm not sure why I'm not using Chrome because that supports addons if I heard correctly.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
I still use FF 2.5


The Real Wheels of Steel
Situation: Browsing one's Inbox on FA.

--You have 50 submissions on your Inbox.
--You scroll through the list, checking off thumbnails you aren't interested in viewing.
--You see an especially interesting thumbnail and click on it.
--You then click back to the thumbnail page to remove the checked entries

Firefox remembers the boxes you checked.

IE clears all the checkboxes, forcing you to start over.

It's a programming quirk with FA. It didn't always do that under IE (it started last summer). Other than that, I don't have a problem with it.

Oh, and I once narrowly avoided a drive-by download from a poisoned banner ad that tried to install one of those bogus "security" applications. This occurred under Firefox, btw (I killed power before the D/L could complete).

The very last time I used IE in one week I lost my sound card, modem and my hard drive had to be replaced. If that isn't a good reason I don't know what is. Since then I have always used Firefox and have not had a since problem since.


A few weeks ago I loaded up Internet Explorer to create a alt account on a forum, something that would let me log into two accounts at once.

The next day, the very next fucking day, the email account I used to create the account was hijacked and spammed my contacts.

I mean really, WTF?


Everything works if you let it
On my macs I used to use Safari until I tried Firefox with Adblock Plus and Download Helper. If I could have those 2 plugins for Safari, I'd go back to using it.

On Windows, I only use IE for 2 work-specific sites that require it. Firefox for everything else. Don't think I'd bother with Safari on Windows, though. As much as I like Apple stuff, their Windows apps suck IME.


Wait, what?
I use Firefox, why?

1: Speed. Even with all the extensions and Greasemonkey scripts I'm using, it's still damned fast.
2: Decent memory footprint. After tweaking the hell out of the settings, it never goes above 200MB for the working set, and 400MB for allocated virtual.
3: Insane number of extensions available. NoScript, Greasemonkey, Stylish, Xmarks, Download Statusbar, Skipscreen, Tab Mix Plus, etc.
4: Rock stable. Might be related to the memory tweaks I did, but I've yet to have Firefox crash.
5: Personas. Always preferred them over the old crappy theme engine. Nice to see it made standard.
6: Related to both 1 and 2 of my list, fast huge browsing history. Even though I set the history limit to 999 days, it still loads it fast.

BTW, Firefox does scan downloads, if your Anti-Virus registers itself with the Windows Security Center. "browser.download.manager.scanWhenDone" controls this function.


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Almost want to say all of the above..

Firefox had tabbed browsing years before IE finally got it, Firefox itself was faster at loading pages than IE, even the early Firefox releases had dozens of skins and addons while IE stayed the bland white/blue.

Firefox now has more addons, skins and abilities that I simply refuse to use IE, deleted it from the computer entirely.


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Hey Firefox users, you should probably know your saved passwords show up in the security section and that anyone that uses your computer can go there are find all your saved passwords even if you keep no history. So you might think it's safe to save your FA password because no one knows about the site, but they can go in there and find every site and password you've saved.



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Addons - couldn't live without Echofon. x:


I don't use it. Firefox Mac sucks, 200MB+ of RAM usage is unacceptable, so currently using Chromium. (update every week or so)


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Hey Firefox users, you should probably know your saved passwords show up in the security section and that anyone that uses your computer can go there are find all your saved passwords even if you keep no history.

Notice that nice checkbox that says "Use a Master Password"? That protects the passwords with a master password that needs to be entered to access them, sort of like having to enter your password to perform an administrative action on your Mac.