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If you use it, why do you use firefox?

Multiple choice

  • Because it's mascot is a cute fox!

    Votes: 46 45.5%
  • Speed

    Votes: 48 47.5%
  • Safety

    Votes: 45 44.6%
  • doesnt keep your history

    Votes: 20 19.8%
  • Because IE sucks, and safari is a clone of IE

    Votes: 51 50.5%
  • I dont use firefox.

    Votes: 21 20.8%

  • Total voters


Avi by Grouchinator. :3
Speed, protection, and add-ons!! :3


Infernal Kitty
At the moment, I've also got Chrome and Opera installed. (Which leaves only Trident-based browsers, which I can't install without ugly hacks.)

Strangely enough, my experience with Firefox has been very hit-or-miss. On my desktop at home (Ubuntu 10.04) and at work (Windows XP) it works great. On my laptop (Windows 7) it's every bit at bad as IE is. (Slow, freezes randomly, crashes, etc.) Actually, I think IE8 performs a bit better on my Laptop. (Not that I use it. I still need my extensions...)


The Oft Mispronounced
I use it for aesthetic reasons; I love having a browser that actually fits the dark theme I have for my window border. :D I'm fond of dark color schemes. It preserves my night vision for those late-night surfing bouts.

Kaine Wuff

Because Firefox 1.5 was teh shit, and so much better than IE6.

Sadly, it seems like each newer incarnation of Firefox gets more and more mediocre and innovative somehow.


The hell am I reading, here?
Both security and add-on functionality.