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If you want something just ask

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(if their are spelling errors please tell me)

*ahem* well between school and other complications I have finally worked out a system in which I can use the internet, which brings me to the point of this thread. I'm taking some requests from now until whenever and will be willing to draw anything like this.

-I will do up to three people in a single request as long as I get ome references.

-I also do one page comic strips if ya want though quality may vary.

-If ya want I can try and add some background but I suck at landscape so don't expect too much.

-I do cuddling and romantic stuff butno nudity or sexuality (kissing intimately is fine)

-Every thing I do is in full color but it's bright and vibrant so darker chars might not be done correctly

-I do a little fighting but i'm still a novice so don't expect a dragon ball esque pic

Please make sure you have plenty of references (written or drawn doesn't matter) if written make sure the detail is down to the the or i'll have to improvise p.m or post here does'nt matter.

Also I myslef don't have internet though i'm in the process of acquiring it so it will take some time to uplaod your request but usually not that long unless i run out of cd's. everthing I do is colored so please be patient.

With your permission I will upload your request to my furpage (I could use the extra pics) be aware this for my practice so I will be experimenting with different techniques so results may vary :).


It'd be cool if you could draw my Keisha. http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p1/Verikez/Refs/Keisha%20Mitsuna/

Go and be crazy all you want with it ;) (She enjoys limes, just to throw some content in there)


if you're still taking requests,

visual referance

written reference

Endless Night

New Member
I love your pig fursona. You never see pigs around the fandom except big ol' beefy wild boars.

If you'd still be willing to take a request I've got some folks. I read you wanted to try some new things so how about some less usual species.

This is Brenner, he's a Klipspringer which is a nimble small antelope. They actually walk on tip toes or tip toes(since hooves are tip toe as is) and can land on amazing small surfaces.

If you'd rather do some more usual type species:
http://www.furnation.com/Silence/difdrum/milo.html -Brown Hyena(Male)
http://www.furnation.com/Silence/difdrum/alana.html -Hare Indian Dog(female)
http://www.furnation.com/Silence/difdrum/adlai.html -Sarloos Wolfdog(male)
http://www.furnation.com/silence/difdrum/duke.html -Lynx(male)
http://www.furnation.com/silence/difdrum/charlize.html -Marwari Horse(female)

If you're too busy to take any more requests I understand. It's nice to browse this forum just to get to see new artists I haven't checked out before.

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
To make mine easier -
I'm out of money for comissions right now, sorry...so, I have to be an art whore and request something. I would like a muscled picture of Lobo. Not like, the super bulging muscles, but more like a well muscled surfer boy. For once, I want him at least wearing his khaki shorts, but it can be adult if you just have the urge. He also wears that black tank, but no shirt is prefered. These are my references:


Also, for a muscle style reference, I like Rocky from RHPS :

Thanks for whoever takes this! Color or not is fine, though as an art whore, I do luff color.

THIS IS NOT A FETISH PICTURE. This is just a buff surfer-boy type picture.

That's what my request thread says. I usually have money for commissions, but I've spent a bit too much lately.
just to clear up any confusion as long as you ask here or send me a p.m i'll get to your request (unless I post here that I am not continuing) so ummm yeah :)

Itchigo Icetalons

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If you'd like, you can draw Celine.

Some random facts about Celine:

is a sizechanger, and thus likes to be big,
likes to have fun,
likes technological stuff
pays no heed to rules except those from her friends.

Think you can make a scene out of that? If not, send me a note (on FA, link in ref pics) and I'll help you...

Ref pics:

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/341495/ (colour)


Oof, I know Im coming in late after last here, but I'd be much obliged if you'd be willing to take on my Triplet of... well, I dunno what they are exactly, I don't really have a name for 'em.

Owen: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/385897/

Gabriel: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/385816/

Echo: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/344679/


sashbandit said:
sure thing :)
Spiffiness, here's my description and refrences images..

A single slivery feline fur could be seen gazing softly into in space, as he from his appeance his fur has been finely groomed and shines off the light of the room. From his face his soft dark jade eyes are the most notice-able behind his glasses that sit delicately on his muzzle, A soft smile can easily be seen from any distance as to call you forth into you a nice chat. His frame is lean and slender at abit over six foot with out being out of shape, as his white long sleeved shirt hangs loose on his arms, a insignia of a coat of arms is on a pocket at the chest with the words "A amicus ut a amicus." and as the bottom cover comes over his black jeans. A single silver emblem that hangs from his neck with a nicely-sized emerald placed within the decoraction. Holding a small and slightly worn hardbound sketch-pad with the same insignia as the on his shirt pocket, around the letters "G.S." held in one paw, as his other paw is used to adjust the balance of the glasses on his muzzle.

Now for Image refrences.
(Just remember it's two on the amount of tails.)


Sexy TransBoi
id love a drawing of my three girls together...if ya can manage...or if ya choose to do just one...any one of my chars is fine....link to refs in sig


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Hi there, I would love to get a pic of Surry if you'd like to give it a go.

I have both a description and some pics for referance.

~species~ Imperial Drafae, but for the sake of sanity just assume she's some kind of dragon.
~height~ 4'8" including antlers, 4' 0" without.
~weight~ 65 lbs.
~build~ slender and petite.
~eyes~ swirly blue and silver with cat-slit pupils and long dark blue lashes.
~mane~ royal blue with silvery blue highlights, hair is slightly wavy and reaching to about mid-back while the rest of the mane is roughly 6" long, also wavy.
~fur~ medium to pale blue, the tuft on the end of her tail is a reversal of her mane colors, mostly silvery with bluish tints. It's not an abrupt change though, it kind of fades into it.
~underbelly fur~ creamy and covering her cheeks, underside of muzzle, and down to the hollow between her breasts.
~plates~ They are mettalic pale blue.
~antlers~ her antlers have three tines on each, mettalic like the plates, and set behind her ears. They tilt slightly backwards, not extending straight up over her head.
~ears~ like a deer, only smaller and with dark blue fluffy tufts like a lynx on the tips.
~muzzle~ More like a deer's than anything else, but with the fluffy wolven cheekbones.
~limbs~ shapely, her arms ending in human-like hands with retractable claws on the ends of her fingers instead of nails. A fluffy patch of cream fur on her elbows, like the fluffy cheeks. Her legs are long for her height, ending in wolven paws with dark blue pads. Both her paws and hands are a lighter color than her main blue.

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k287/Surrealblue/Surry/Surreal2.jpg < the plates in this one aren't quite right, but the rest is still fairly accurate.
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