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If you were the size of your species..


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Say you suddenly find yourself as your fursona, but your the size of your species in real life! What would be the most difficult things to do after? Would you be upset or happy about it? I could image being a mouse would lead a very interesting day, as well a massive dragon would lol


profound asshole
with the legs of a maned wolf i'd probably be dunking on people in the NBA.

which would be pretty cool because...


Deleted member 111470

My fursona is something between a vervet monkey and a wedge-capped capuchin. So I'll be small. If I am to retain my body weight while shrinking in height, I don't think I'll be able to move.


Daedric Prince of Secrets
I wouldn't be able to drive very well, but at least I could find some other raccoons and we could do the trench coat gag. I would need a smaller computer mouse too.

I wouldn't like that, I'd be like 5x shorter when standing.
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My fursona is a were-bat so... Same size at 6'5". Lol
I hate having only one remotely useable finger.

Deleted member 82554

Then I would fit in a handbag, be carried around all day because I'm too lazy to walk.


Trash Connoisseur
A possum-sized me? Well, it'd suck to use my tablet for making art that's for sure. Be like Judy Hopps when she used that elephant's computer but less adorable and more screaming in frustration.


Lemonade Goblin
My fursona is a Hyena/snow leopard hybrid and I'm assuming like anthro tall not four legs tall so seven feet time :D

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Can't be better. Everything is bigger now, and everything will be more than enough for me! And I mean EVERYTHING.

Plus, the high places aren't that much of a matter since my sona has great muscles to jump and also has the pads to land softly just like cats!

Deleted member 134556

I'd be a little bit taller. Nexus is slightly over two meters tall. I'm not really a big dragon like others. Am smol :V

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
It'd mean there'd be no more excuses from people about not being able to carry me around.

Don't worry, epic gamer coon will just get a smaller keyboard and mouse. And possibly more pillows on his chair.


Fundamentalist Heretic
If I were the height of my fursona, I'd be pretty much the height I am now (175cm or 5'9" for the metrically challenged) but if I was my fursona's weight (1,013kg or 2,228lbs), dear God...! :eek:

Stainless steel dragons aren't lightweight! He's basically a car with wings and a tail.

Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
(is a Scottish Terrier)
Well, I'm screwed =/

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
My feral bird is one of a kind so there's no "real" size for him, but he's about the size of a condor or big eagle. Size would be an issue in situations where I can't fly, but not as much of a problem as having no hands.