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Forum Ignore instead of block ?

PC Master Race

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I've never used this function before, until recently. Though I saw that it didn't mean my content would be hidden from the ignored person like with the "block" function before. They could still see my content and give reactions, even comments too.
And in the forum list, if a thread has the ignored person's post as the most recent, it doesn't show their name but still shows "ignored member".

Am I missing something ? Cuz it's definitely not what I look for when I want to block (or in this case "ignore") someone.


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When I test it on my alt I can't see any of my content on the blocked account.


Well, I think to be fair if a blocked person's content was invisible to someone, he could constantly harass the person ad never be punished for it. As I've been told anyway, only the target of harassment can report it.

Someone could sully another user's reputation "behind his back" and probably get away with it for a while.

Connor J. Coyote

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Hmm.... well, I agree with the OP up to a point; in that the block feature is only so good as an "ignore" feature, basically.... but - I've always felt that - that's kind of the deal, in any case (on here, and in other places).... as, someone can simply "log off" from their account - visit the site as a visitor, and then - still read one's postings later on, anyway; (whether they're on the ignore list, or not) ☺.... but - it is indeed still a useful feature, I think - (when you don't wish to interact with someone)..... and, many of us breathe a huge sigh of relief frankly - that this is an available feature for us to use on here...... but - it's only useful up to a point, I'd agree.

The old system was a bit better (I can concur with the OP on that also) - because, whenever I had someone on my list - their interactions with me personally, (or with my content and threads)..... was very limited.

But, now - it's a little bit more open, it seems.... and blocking someone *entirely* doesn't seem to be an option currently, that I think many of us would love to have back.

But..... regardless of the system's shortcomings - whenever it comes to "ignores" - it's always a good idea - (I say) to just do that - (with whomever it applies to) - and just *ignore* the users on the list you have, and simply move on to other things...... (as that's what I often do).