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Welcome to my lil' art corner shop!
Glad to have you here, why don't you take a look around?


First things first, here are some basic things!

- Payment is trough Paypal.
- I will give an estimate price before starting to work but the final price may change slightly.
- I am willing to send WIP's if you so request.
- If you are interested in commissioning me, you can comment here but also send me a private message in FA!

What I will draw!
- Anthro
- Humans
- Ferals
- Chubby/Fat furries

What I won't draw!
- NSFW (My anatomy knowledge just doesn't simply reach this far)
- Mecha (Same reason, I have no idea how to draw it)
- Heavy gore
- Hate speech. (Obviously)

NSFW can be discussed depending on the picture.

If you want to know the prices in your currency, click here!



Reference sheets start from 35€!

And here some more examples of my work.

More can be found from my FA profile and other social medias.





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