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(Commission) Selling: I'll Design Your Fursona! $20-$60


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Whether you've been having trouble coming up with your own fursonas, or you need an old one updated, I'm available to walk you through the process to make you your own unique fursona fully customized to yourself and your needs.

Especially helpful if you've been having some trouble creatively, I can walk you through the process. Asking questions, figuring out what your animal (or animals) are, color pallets, hairstyles, weather or not you want them to be fursuit compatible, this is an opportunity to literally design your fursona from the ground up.

I have a lot of experience making personas for people across numerous different fandoms, and can guarantee a unique, non-template based fursona design that will be genuinely tailored to yourself, even if you have no idea where to start or any ideas about what your fursona could be.

And at the end of the discovery process and your approval of a few test sketches, i will draw you a finished reference for your fursona that you can then use yourself, or to help other artists you would like to commission.

Will need a chat software, ideally discord, as there's a lot of information that goes into making a fursona fully customized to yourself.
Whether your fursona is anything from a bipedal wolf to a 6 headed aquatic sea dragon, the sky's the limit in regards to what your finished result could end up being with a little help.

The Commission cost's are from

$20 to $60

Depending on how complex you want your final reference image to be.

Can also revise an earlier fursona design if you're looking for an update, or have a custom oc made for you in a similar fashion.