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Dogs/cats/simple animals only please, I'm trying to get some more experience drawing different characters but I would like to be able to do them as a favor to you. I will most likely not color all of them, but I might. I only plan on doing a few so first come first serve! You can find some of my work on my FA page, which is also furryfilth.
I'm about to post a couple more drawings to my FA here in a minute. I should note, at the moment I can only do traditional artwork since I don't have a drawing tablet.


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Would you mind drawing an arctic fox? If so, here's the drawn reference of my character:
www.furaffinity.net: Character Reference: Azalange by Azalange

Thanks so much for opening up this space. I hope you have a nice day.
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could you do one of these guys (if you do the cat guy hes not my character but the owner said i can use him and you dont have to add the fish skeloton thats on his tail


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Can you draw a profile pic for my fursona? He's a purple wolf with dark brown eyes, unfortunately, I can't upload the reference because it's giving me an error, I'll try again later