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(Commission) Selling: ($25+) I'll draw your OC with an idol outfit! [limited slots]

these outfits are not mine, they are from the anime of "Bang dream!" but they are very cute and I would like to draw them!

head to knees 35$
from head to waist 25$

There is no character limit, but there is a costume limit, they cannot be repeated, so there are only 89 slots!

(The costumes will be the ones in the folder, but you can choose a specific color, as well as hairstyles and makeup!)

let's have fun!

allowed: Furry OC, fanart OC, male OC, female OC, shemale OC, androgynous or species, (monster, fantasy, etc) NSFW

not allowed: MLP.


outfits: https://sta.sh/2kj9g1w3sz9