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(Commission) Selling: I'll help you create your fursona for $25! (or draw an existing one!)


Discord: Yacare#6661
I'm confident drawing any species (hybrids too! Just ask), they could be feral or anthro, too.

For a base of 25$ I'll make a full body, flat colored drawing of your character. If you need something in particular, let me know and we'll talk about it, no compromise!

In the process, I always go back and forth with my clients, to make sure what they get is what they need, so there will be no surprises.

Here are some of the characters I've drawn:



If you like my style and would like me to help you create your fursona, or just want to commission some drawings of your already existing one, send me a PM or an email at yacareKB@gmail.com
edit: Now I'm on Discord too! Yacare#6661
edit 2: Also, you can now contact me via Telegram! @yacareKB t.me: Yacare KB

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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Staff Dragon
Looks really awesome! I'll be sure to send a PM to you soon~! ^.=.^
Might have to do two, because I have an old design I'd like to come alive as well.


Staff Dragon
I just have to add here something nice.

This artist has been very great with keeping me updated and willing to work out any kind of detail you want without any issue.
Quite friendly and fun to chat with as well. My ref is coming out quite nicely and when everyone sees what is being done they'll agree this is quite an amazing artist!

Can't recommend enough!