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I'll refrain from making puns...


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Hi! You can call me Maevia. I've been a longtime lurker to the fandom, and recently decided to join FA and the FAF thereafter, once I had my fursona figured out.

Hobbies include horseback riding, dogs, outdoorsy stuff, vidja games (mostly PS3 and Nintendo 3Ds), writing, tv & film. More eccentric stuff includes tarot reading, genetics, horse racing, following the dog fancy (but I'm not an exhibitor), astrology (recently started learning how to hand draw charts but let's face it, online generated charts are really convenient) and roleplaying (interestingly enough I've never RP'd an anthro character, I've roleplayed as 'feral' horses and wolves even though I didn't know what those were back then, and as humans). I'm getting more and more interested in cooking. I am obsessed with paprika and make a mean gyulás (but I will put paprika on just about anything).

I've got two dogs, one of whom is in training to become a service dog.

I don't really like having to make lists about my 'favourite' things, but I like talking about them at length, so I guess I will just lurk moar and reply to topics involving said things.

I don't bite - outside of bed anyhow, and I'm pretty laid-back and easygoing in general. I also speak fluent French (first language) and am learning German + Hungarian, and I taught myself to read Cyrillic.

I think that covers it.

TL;DR hello I'm a n00b here, I'll try not to make any faux-pas.


aka Rinpoe
Welcome to the pack, fellow gamer fur, and I'll welcome puns! Seriously, my IRL friends here won't stop, so I'm used to it.


The classy Captain Furfag
Puns are my kind of humour LOL. French is filled with potential puns, that's why I love that language. It just never stops. xD


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Thanks everyone!

Welcome, welcome!
You're learning German and hungarian? Are they tough languages?
It's hard for me to gauge because I have been bilingual since toddlerhood so I'm generally good with languages. Plus I had Latin and Spanish in school. I did a bit of Romanian before going there for a winter and picked it up quickly. I will say that German and Hungarian are definitely tougher than English. I think Hungarian can be difficult for most people who speak Indo-European languages because it is very different so if you approach it coming from an indo-euro language, it'll be tough. German seems easier to me because I already speak a latin and germanic language (French and English) so a lot of the structural and grammatical elements are familiar. But it is easy to get lost in cases at times :p