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Free Art: I'll turn your oc into a minecraft skin (Still open)


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If you're still doing this, would be very nice if you could. Mind if you could DM it or reply?


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Artist in the work
Amazing work! Thank you so much!


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I did something like this on another discord server once for people. I had fun doing it.

Maybe you can do one for me I just want to see how well you would do?

www.furaffinity.net: New Me by SveltColt


Werewolf With A Picsaw
Looking really good. I love this.

View attachment 74621 Someone said they wanted to see one on the model so i took a screenshot in the editor.

This is a comparison between the one I made and yours. I think I like what you did with my face more than what I had done with mine. You even got my moon mark on my arm.


Also, you should get Mineimator to display the skins. It will look cooler because you can pose them the way you want.

Thank you so much for this Hope you have a nice night.



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Alright, this could be interesting...



The NODS stay ON during sex.

Awesome, thanks! Finally, a skin I actually want to use.


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Ooh cool! Think my Sona might be a bit too complex..

But I'll throw him out anyhoo!