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Illustrator looking for writer for collaborative effort



EDIT 01/11/2017: ''Applications'' are closed for now


So I'd like to do a comic, a kinetic novel or even a visual novel to make some sweet dough out of, the problem is that I'm not much of a writer. On the flipside I think that while not extraordinary my art is alright.

For those interested, I'm comfortable working with both SFW and NSFW stories (for what concerns the latter know that I'm more of a homo vanilla type of guy, albeit not exclusively) and the genres I accept are medieval, modern, apocalyptic and hard futuristic. Oh, and western! Drama, gloom and action are my jam.
I'm open to suggestions so hit me up with a note and we can discuss this. I'd also like to see what your writing is like should you make an offer, so please, do provide a link to your gallery or any of your works.

Hope to hear from ya, cheers
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