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I'm a rabbit


It's Spooky Month!
I'm a cat/bat hybrid but some people have thought I was a rabbit. lol


Just a fox.
I am just a fox.

Simo would probably try to warn you about us foxes but my only danger is hugging too tightly!


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Main is a Tiger Shark

Alt is Reptilian, uniques creature with a mix of features from varanids, bush vipers, chameleons and iguanas

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
A Raccoon and a Tanuki.

The Tanuki half is why he looks somewhat canine-like but fur wise and such he looks more like a raccoon.


Working on a new one rn! He’s kind of a mish mash of animals but he just looks like a super weird puppy, kinda like how Chowder from...well Chowder is a cat/bear/rabbit.