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I'm Alive &Stuff!!!


For anyone who's been wondering where i've been i've been at boot camp. I shit you not. And i'll be back soon.For anyone who cares.Not done yet but almost!! Just a couple more days. And i'll be on this site more than ever probably. Can somone, ANYONE!? Repost something for me on my page? FA won't load. The computer i'm on is so slow. I don't know if i was ever really known on the forums or of anyone even gives a crap, But please??Going to be online plenty soon!!!! Can't wait to catch up with whatever's been going on here and the main site.


Excuse me if this seems random or disorganized or whatnot (aren't all my posts that way though?) but i'm short on time. Very short on time.And wtf's with my icon??? I must have not updated in forever (i'm grey and yellow and should have horns now)


248 posts. Oh wait, you're a mainsite popufur?

I get the impression you're new to the forums, I haven't seen you around here before, Welcome


Hey, Assbutt
Smelge beat me to it.

Fak u smegl



It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
No idea who you are, nor do I care. But welcome back from bootcamp anyway.


Active Member
I remember him posting a few times. Then again, I've been on a long vacation myself and was never really popular anyways :p

Welcome back!