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I'm Back after 5 years


International Man Of Mystery
It's been a pretty busy life and I didn't have a laptop anymore and now, I finally have a gaming laptop ^_^
Anyway, My names Trinity, 29, female. My main fursona is an Arctic White Wolf. My second is a male Dire Wolf. I'm currently taken but would love to make some furiends again.
Welcome! I’m fairly new here but I’d love to make even more friends than I already have!
Hello!! I'm super new to the fandom in general so it's cool to see someone who's been in it for a while!
I'm Peach! Nice to meet you!


The Reverend Blue Moon Bear
Welcome, err, back! It's always nice to re-connect with a community!

Rev. BlueMoon Bear


I put the fun in dysfunctional
Welcome back, love.