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I'm back: Free art raffle


Who wants pancakes? : D
I've been gone for a LONG time, but now I'm back with a shiney new wacom and 4 weeks of Uni holidays ahead of me! Unfortunately it looks like the vast majority of my watches have gone and I'm facing the very real possibility of having to start over. I've been trying to get some commissions, but it's been difficult finding any given how long I had been inactive for, so I'm wanting to do a little promo raffle to regain my former activity levels.
The raffle doesn't cost any money, all you have to do is link people to my FA and/or this journal entry and you'll go into the draw for free art.

Some details:

- You must be watching me for your entry to count.
- Refer people to my page (eg: make a journal, make a forum post, tell a friend, ect)
- Say how you advertised my art via commenting on this journal (with a link when possible.)
- Each method of whoring my page out gets you one new entry (eg: 1 if you write a journal + 1 if you make a forum post + 1 if you link your friends. Total = 3 x the chances of getting free art.)
- There will be five winners, and they will be picked at random. Meaning the more methods you use to whore me out, the higher your chances. I'm not very popular on here, so there is a high possibility that anyone who enters will win free art.


Have the winners been chosen yet?