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Im bored so FREEEEE


Hey guys I am bored so i am opening some spots for free art.

Please leave the following:
1. Name
2. Pose
3. sig or pic
4. background

Umm i have no examples since im starting out so ya and im not great but i want to get better.

Please no adlut stuff thank you :)

1. Catilda Lily -- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3530188/
2. Dragon-Shark -- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3536847/
3. Zweihander
4. Nardia
5. Ferral Caine

only 5 for now may open more later. Depends jhow many requests i get.

Waiting List!!! (may get to may not)
1. Illogical
2. Mangasama
5. ESimbA3
6. fluffy-wolf
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Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
name:Catilda Lily
pose:lying on her back with one knee sticking up
sig or pic: sig
background: like color or a picture? if a color than purple, if a picture than moutains.
also clothing can be whatever
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I'm interested :)

Ahhhh... I'm such a freeloader....

Hey catilda, SHARK!

1. Ranzun
2. Any that you like
3. What do you mean by sig or pic? (I guess pic will do.)
4. Any that you find fitting

If you don't have any ideas for 2 or 4 or you don't want to try to figure it out, I will rewrite 2 and 4 for you. I thought it would be easier if you did what you wanted for 2 or 4. If you want a description of my character, it's in my sig! Thanks :)
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1. Name: Nardia
2. Pose: Anything
3. sig or pic: Pic
4. background: Whatever goes with the pose..hehe..

Ferral Caine

Dog Day Afternoon
1: Rex
2: Leaning back against a fence, like a cowboy :3
3: Sig (Rex)
4: Anything that would go with the pose i guess, a grassy field or w/e ^ ^


Beanstalk Giant


Daring Air Pirate!
1. Name: Alex Mabuse (male siamese)
2. Pose: Open to whatever you work up.
3. sig or pic: See my SIG bar
4. background: Open to anything but trout!


:3 i luv you
:3 i have a pretty challenging request if you would, i have no furry avatar/ or sig or pics that suit what i am :3 could you do this for me? (so i need all 3 but it'd be alot of work so could you do my avatar for now?)
a jackalope about the size of a wolf, with cats eyes (preferably purple eyes) with long body ish length ears with a couple peirceings (just standard silver rings) and maybes a sage/ or white jacket (prolly one from naruto) and maybe some white hair on the top of his head :3
its prolly gunna be grey / darkish for the normal back furr and lighter on the belly
and black paws :3
think u'd be able to do that? and the antlers just a light brown or bone colour :3
and he would be standing up on a cliff and the backround would be the ocean and maybe a burning boat or two in the distance ( and thinking about a shotgun on his back :3 and maybe goggles with tinted lens's w/e colour u think best)

name Bunzi
Pose standing ( or what you think is best)
and backround the ocean (srry its a big request:3)


New Member
Please leave the following:
1. Name- Hunter
2. Pose- Standing tal
3. sig or pic- pic
4. background- football stadium..I guess?


Ok a quick update

I am sorry I couldn't start working on anything today I had alot of bball going on
I can't start working on them untill later tommorow. I can't update with thelist as my iPod for some reason won't let me update it. Anyway I should be almost done catilda's by the end of tommorow!!

See you all then!!


:3 i luv you
sorry my request is hard :3 but if u were to do it :) i'm sure itll be an interesting piece for yea to draw :3


OK guys another update now that i am home and will have time to work on these!!

I am going away for a week on thursday so there will be a span of nothing.
I should be finished Catilda Lily's by tommorow or tuesday.
I will most likely just do 8 in total but i am unsure if I will or not.

I am currently expierianceing internet issues so there will be spots that i cant do anything.


:3 i luv you
ill be in england from the 10th (at 11 am) till the 24th and i will be on my laptop for lil bits of time. IM'ing or Email would be best way of contact :3