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I'm holding a drawing contest - win a set of copic markers!


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I'm still trying to find more participants for my drawing contest. Only two so far, but we have to reach ten until I can give away the main prize.
Here's the original journal text:

What to draw
I’d be happy to get pictures of my fursona! You can draw her as feral or anthro, lioness or wolf. Any medium is possible. You can add your own character(s). You can submit more than one image. A background is not obligatory. Mature and adult images are not allowed (except blood). And of course, no tracing or heavily referencing is allowed.
Ref Sheet: www.furaffinity.net: Nyashia Ref Sheet (2011) by Nyashia

Some inspiration:
I like: nature, sunsets, Africa, rock music, eating and drinking, sleeping, summer, cats (have a look at my Facebook profile for pictures of my cats: www.facebook.com: Nyashia Arts)
I do not like: girly clothes, cuddling/hugging strangers, overly cute stuff

The prizes:
1st place gets a set of 18 classic copic markers. You can see the colours/numbers on the image below. I’ve bought these almost 10 years ago but rarely used them. I’ve tested all markers (both sides) and they’re still working fine!
Shipping is free in Europe.

2nd and 3rd places get a free request from me. They can choose between a headshot (coloured and shaded) or a fullbody refined sketch.

The contest will end October 31st.

How the winners will be chosen:
The images will be reviewed under the following criteria:
- Task: Did you fulfil the task? Have you drawn my character accurately with the right colours and markings?
- Effort: How much time did you put into it? Are the colouring and lineart clean? Is there shading and a background?
- Composition and perspective: Are the composition and perspective interesting? Does the background match the character?
- Originality: How original is the idea? Does the image have a clear message?

Important note:
The prize for the first place is only given away, when a total number of 10 contestants is reached.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments section!

Have fun!