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I'm looking for people to talk with about controversial things.


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I am looking for all sorts of people to talk with to discuss and talk about controversial things. From gun rights to abortion to feminism and racism.
I am a minor conservative and would like to talk with anyone about things to see it from diffrent points of views to get a better understanding so I'm not just seeing it from one side.
If you talk about these topics and help me see some points about it, I'll help you see some others. In the end it is all your choice to believe what you believe. I'm looking forward to learning with anyone interested.
I’ll just go ahead and say it’s better done in a pm, those topics 9/10 times will break into useless arguements, that turn into accusations,name calling, and useless drama.
If you read through old General discussion threads, you can see info on these issues
Just please do us a favor and keep it in private chat. Please...

I think there's been enough of this BS cluttering up the general section for long enough.

Edit: Nevermind, Tacoma already beat me to it...
Ninjad lol
Hey stop derailing!:D


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Dont know how well I'd be able to stand up, but feel free to shoot me a PM and start any conversation you would like. If I lack knowledge in an area, or anyone has anything to say/share, I'm open minded enough to try and view things through all eyes.



Remember; Wherever you go, there you are.


Remember; Wherever you go, there you are.
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Darn, out of stupid topics to argue about :V
I’ll take that answer though