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I'm looking for some amateur voice actors, volunteer only.

I am making a furry audio book and I am looking for volunteers to do some voice acting. Anyone interested?

In the millennia of humans … humans eventually annihilated themselves through nuclear war on Earth , time and time again, anthro animal species of many different races jumped at the chance to inhabit the planet. Through time dilation differences of the galaxies the anthro animal races evolved sooner than humans. They were instructed to influence them in various hierarchy experiments until they reached a certain level of self awareness. Unfortunately other dimensional dwelling species of Earth didn’t take too kindly to the interference. Wars leading to other wars eventually leading the humans to self annihilate themselves one final time making them extinct and other dimensional dwelling beings with them as well.

During the time of 2097 of the human Gregorian calendars...
An 18-year-old Sergal was asleep in his bed, he had a feeling of weightlessness along with warm white energy surrounding him. Little that he knew, he was being programmed and recruited to a habitation program his real parents signed him up for when he turned of age. Kind of like a summer camp. Many other species did exactly the same thing out of respect for humans in an attempt to prolong their memory in their own way.


Anthony: A heart throb young male Sergal student 18 years old, the smartest Sergal of his kind. I'm looking for a voice similar to Space Yeen from Twitch. If you can practice speaking from your diaphragm, you will sound slightly deeper than your regular voice.

"Yeah, I saw it on T.V. and so I decided to buy it. This thing has zero percent friction you know."
"Whoa, they almost saw us. No thanks to your flashy look!"
"Any calls while I was out?"

Jeremy: A nasally southern sounding grey tabby cat sounding similar to Dale Gribble from King of the Hill.

"Wow-cool! it looks like alien technology or something!"
"Flashy look? The female sergals love me in this, including that golden retriever Emily. I don't see any females hovering around you when you're dressed like that."
"Eat lead Kaylax!"
"Guns don't kill people, the government does."

Kaylax: A corrupted protogen that turned evil. Sounds like a whiny nerd robot with a slight robotic flanger chrous to the voice.

"Oh yes, Perfect! I think I'll jump right in there!"
"going somewhere?"
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fool. It's a pitty you don't know how powerful you truly are."
"Not so fast.... just stop entirely!"

Otter tribe leader: creative freedom here, I'm looking for anyone who sounds good saying the lines. Any accent you can come up with.

"What do you want from us?"
"W-why s-sir! I was about to start looking for you!"

Extras: Just regular sounding people for background. "Pass the salt please..." Oh my gosh, what was that?" "I can't believe what I'm seeing here!" "Is he really doing that?" "look out everyone, I'm gonna do a canon ball..." "Ooh, that looks good, can I have some?" "This traffic is terrible, what's the hold up?" "Oh god, I'm gonna throw up!" "Psst, you're still on the air!" "Aah! what was that!" "How we know that's not special effects?" "Oh god it's real! Everyone RUN!"

Hypnotic Extras: (In a monotone voice) "Go to a computer source, connect to the Internet, and learn the most dominant computer programming language. Login to all free social media accounts and funnel all attention to Merp Tube videos of Sergals getting stuck in wedge shaped traps, hack the revenue of those videos, distract them with the warning of Y21K propaganda inspired by Zillion Ross and then use the funds to rebuild Kaylax in a secret underground lab at the Mc Laphin Hyena art gallery basement, disguised as a art project."

Please post your tryout below.