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Im looking for someone to do an Icon for me (my side payment inside)

Hello!! So i was wondering if someone would please do an icon for me for an art trade? But the thing is im kinda picky on art style and stuff soo yeah all i ask if you offer is to include links to some work you have done :) If I like it ill message you! Now what I am willing to give is a badge or small picture your choice i only do digital sadly =/ soo yeah below are some work i have done!

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7019012/ (did this on iscribble)

So yeah i can make regular or my favorite to make is the Fattie badges where your character pretty much took a few bites out of their names But if you dont want a fattie badge thats fine there are my regular and if you dont want a bdge I have a small portrait of your character :D


soo yeah comment away and ill message the person who i like best :D


Here an exemple of my icons

They are animated I do not want an art in If you want one from me.
If you want one from me,you will have in exchange to advertise me about my commission I am in need to money right now.