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Free Art: I'm mighty bored so doing art for freeee


Simply One Hell of a Mouse
you can find my art on furaffinity @ Incumouse

doing free SFW art when I'm bored because why not? idk

please come with reference. if the reference is NSFW, put it in a spoiler, thanks. if the reference is linked in a toyhou.se and is nsfw, please make note of that in your comment.


Lovable Fall-leaf Lynx
Ooh! Here's my character, thanks for the chance!


Well-Known Chee
You can try any of these guys, if you'd like! Thank you for the chance! :3



Tea thief <3 She/Her <3 POTATO QUEEN
Hey! Could I get something of Hemlock? Thanks for the chance!
This is his original piece. He's got a little bow tie and a little top hat. He's got magic with poisonous plants so if you wanted to incorporate that, go ahead!


hemlock .jpg


Born To Be A Hero
Thanks for the opportunity!
If you're interested, you can do my guy *Blaize!* If you're interested and also have an toyhouse account, I will authorize you there! Just tell me you're name and you'll get an unwatermarked ref of him!