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I'm New! (Also Please Help???)

Ashley Waller

New Member
Hello! I'm Ashe. I'm enlisted military (Navy) in the US. I love to draw, and I'm a huge fan of Voltron Legendary Defender.

I'm not particularly in the furry fandom myself, but all of my best commissioners have been furries, and I need a break from the run of the mill tattoo/generic oc commission round. Love drawing animals and y'all always have something interesting to draw.

Anyways. As to that help I need: I'm transgender, but somehow signed up with my dead name? Anyway I can change that or will I have to delete this account to not see "Ashley Waller" as my name?


Ashley Waller

New Member
I thought as much. Well that's what I get for clicking through the process too quickly. I'd assumed that I'd have Ashcott as a name because I used it when clicking "I don't have an account yet."

Either way, not the worst that could happen.