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Name: Pippi the happy pupper

Style: Single comics with wholesome themes and cute characters

Theme: designed to make you smile or laugh or teach you something about being nice

www.furaffinity.net: Pippi the Happy Pup - Ant Friend by FloppyPony

I am trying this out. I'm new to this type of comic as I usually do short comedic ones and dont draw them well. I am trying harder here. trying to go for the kinda stuff you see on r/wholesome on reddit. Let me know what you think. Any advice on how to write or layout comics like this would be awesome ^w^


4-tailed kitsune
Cute! Keep at it : )


Snell is Life
This is very cute! I would suggest making the panels have a "gutter" (aka the white space between panels) so they dont bleed together, and keep working on anatomy. You'll get there! Very excited for you!

If you want a reference specifically for making comics, here's a book I suggest!:

He tells you a lot about the theory behind storytelling and art techniques specific to comics!