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Im New To The Community! ...Help?


Crystal Marie
So, I guess you could say that I've been a furry since I was 10 (about 5 years), since I've always loved animals and looked at furry art every now and then and was inspired to make my own fursona a few yrs ago that has had some changes over time. At the same time, however, I've just recently been trying to make an effort to I guess make it official that I consider myself a part of this .

I heard about the site last night when I watched Baylee Jae's most recent video. Thought it looked cool and decided to check it out. So far the layout has kinda has me lost in a corn maze, then again I've been looking through it using my tablet and not a computer (yet).

Alright. In short:

(Totally unrelated, I was putting in the tags and one of them was 'help I dont know how to tag'. Just.. Wat? XD)


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and what there is to know?
Create a character of whichever you like and develop his personality and here only imagination is the limit


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Not sure if there's such a thing as "making it official" (imo if you're a furry, you're a furry! XD)

But yeah if you're talking about being active online, just start posting stuff! Get in the forums, etc. Could be dA, FA, Tumblr, Twitter, whatevs...furries are everywhere, haha. You can post about your fursona in the fursona thread if you haven't!