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I'm not creative for a nice title, so I'll just go with a "Hello."

Mr. Moonlight

Cat Lover/Follower/Priest
Hello, everyone, I'm Mr. Moonlight.

I don't consider myself (maybe yet, maybe not) a furry, don't even having a fursona nor things of the subject, but I'm interested in meeting the fandom (even don't knowing where to start).

About me... well... I don't know what to talk, exactly. :v
I'm a nice guy, I guess. Some people say I'm a bit too depressing sometimes, but I think I'm kinda sensitive to some things irl. I usually play videogames and stuff, and I really like the Rhythm genre. Sometimes I like to draw something (I'm not very good, but I'm in the right way, I guess). I used to watch anime and read books, but I guess my interest decreased through time. Maybe someday I'll be interested again.

About the furry community, I'm kinda new into it, but I had some *really* bad first impressions thanks to some users, and I want to change these impressions, and that's one of the reasons I created an account here. I guess I know a furry artist or so, but I want to know more about the community, meeting new people, maybe befriend new people and be more social overall.

That's all I have to say. I'll try to explore some threads here, but feel free to reply or suggest me something. :1


Notka- What?
Hey dude and I've been there too with the bad into the whole furry thing.
But your in luck dude, Not all of the people in the fandom are like that.
Not just that but there actually tons of pretty awesome dudes here with tons of creativity too!
(Watch me go on about these guys haha)

Anyway, On behalf of the forum
Welcome and Glad to have ya here!

Never thought I'd see the cat keeping Lynne alive here in the forum lolz


Husky-fox (basic af)
Welcome to the forums :)
It's sad to hear that you had bad beginning with a fandom but i hope you have a good time here
I suggest you create a fursona because it's a lot of fun and it will kinda help you understand furries more
Aaaaaaaaaaaand good luck with meeting new people

Mr. Moonlight

Cat Lover/Follower/Priest
Thanks for the welcoming. :3
I suggest you create a fursona because it's a lot of fun and it will kinda help you understand furries more
Well, is there any guide about it? And what's the purpose of a fursona? Did you use it in something or it's just an OC for the community?
Anyway, do you guys have a chat group on Discord, Telegram or something? This could help me getting into the fandom.


Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forums.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


Heyo, Mr.Moonlight :3
Yeah, there are some real butts in the fandom. Shame you had see that side first.
But you gave it another chance and thats great!
See ya around ^_^

Sergei Sóhomo

Strap in my friend because if you have high expectations you'll soon learn that you'll probably dislike furries even more! Most of what you find is pretty damn bad whether it be cringe or "drama"

Some shit's good, but not much

Silver Wind34

What I kinda want my fursona to be based off of.
Welcome Mr. Moonlight hope we don't scare you away, I know some stuff in the fandom can get a bit crazy and dark but most of it seems great fun and a good time!