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I'm once again looking for a long time Pokémon rp

Tatsuo chan

It's time for my mighty Blue Flare!!!
Konnichiwa! Tatsuo-chan's back at it again.

And like usual, I'm craving for a Pokémon rp...

This time, focus on either Pokémon or trainers is fine.

I really love plots where the characters develop and grow stronger, so that's an absolute must. I'm also really fond of wholesome friendships and exciting adventures. Nothing says Pokémon more than a group of friends growing stronger together!

As for what I do NOT want in an rp, I will definitely not do anything sexual at all, though I am fine with romance. Also, no God-modding or Mary sues. Having a really strong character is fine, but give them some flaws! Also, tell me if you don't want to rp with me any more cause I do NOT like getting ghosted.