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Ima New Bean


New Member
Hi! Hello!
I'm Ira, a lil cryptid artist floating around in the woods who is very incredibly new to this.
I don't have a fursona myself, but I'd like to get to know everyone else's!
Let me draw your fursona!


Well-Known Member
Hey there. Welcome to the forums. ^-^
I hope you'll enjoy it here.
It's always good to see new artists around. And cryptid artists are rare, so it's even better.
If plan on sharing your art, don't hesitate. I bet people will like it.

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Hullo! Welcome to the forums friendo! You want to get to know us a bit hm? Well I'm big into rp, have lots of characters, gamer and am on the autism spectrum. As for characters, as i said i have a lot. Too many to talk about all at once here! I'm always open to talking in dms and such anytime of course. I also have an FA gallery for art of some my characters, none drawn *by* me but all my characters they've been done *for* me. You're welcome to draw any of em as well so long as ya let me know that you do ;)
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