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"Image Not Found"


New Member
Hey everybody,

I won't lie. I'm frustrated. Recently, I tried to update the thumbnails for my stories "All That Glitters Is..." parts one and two. To do this, i have a 300 x 350 template that I use for literally every single thumbnail because the square will probably cause the image not to load.

It worked. Technically. But when you click inside the story, it displays as "Image Not Found".

Fuck this glitch. Seriously, it's happened to seven of my uploads, now, and it feels like it comes by pure chance. Once it happens, no amount of changes will ever fix it. I don't know if I can get a mod or something to change the code in it or something - probably not - but I felt the need to express this towards the people working on this site. There's no reason for this to exist.

God, it's 3 AM, I don't want to be too rude. Just really frustrated. Hope someone here has an answer.

Marcus Heckinberry